How to Give Your Partner a Reiki Massage

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To avoid any confusion, let me be very clear: Reiki is not massage. However, anyone who works with Reiki soon learns that Reiki energies partner beautifully with other healing modalities. Massage is a perfect fit for teamwork in this regard. Natural partners!

Actually, Reiki is a bit like a hitchhiker. It hitches a ride with the Reiki practitioner where ever he goes every day. Barely noticeable, it can feel almost dormant. It remains vigilant, on high alert. Basically, it is ready to respond to crisis or help whenever an energy boost is needed.

Reiki is a very useful tool for healers or anyone who works with people in any capacity. I personally would love, for example, to receive a shampoo from a hair stylist who has been attuned to Reiki. A veterinarian who has been trained in Reiki soon discovers animals love Reiki

Couples and Reiki Massage

Giving your partner a Reiki massage is an openhearted and nurturing demonstration of your love. For some couples, it may be a good way to arouse each other sexually. For others, Reiki may have a calming, relaxing effect, easing the stresses from the recipient’s body and sending them right into a slumber pose. Whether you use it for foreplay or foresleep, Reiki massage is a wonderful way to be intimate with your partner.

The basic Reiki hand placements are not used while giving a massage. Reiki will naturally kick in during the session. For instance, you can lovingly give your partner a Reiki back rub:

  1. Charge your (preferably organic) massage oils with Reiki energies. Sweet almond oil and jojoba oil are favorites for releasing stresses.
  2. Have your partner lay on her stomach on the bed.
  3. Cover the lower part of your partner’s body with some warm towels so she will not be chilled.
  4. Pour a handful of massage oil in your hands. Allow your Reiki hands to warm the oil.
  5. Begin your Reiki massage by smoothing your hands in slow, sweeping movements across your partner’s neck, shoulders, and upper back.
  6. Stroke and rub the neck and shoulders. The neck and shoulders tend to knot up with tension, spend extra time massaging this area of your partner's body. 
  7. Continue kneading out any kinks or stresses as you move your hands down your partner’s back.
  8. Finish the massage by lightly scratching her skin surface with your fingernails in a circular pattern or figure-eight movements.
  9. Lie down and snuggle up next to your partner.

Note: The back rub massage described here should not be used as therapy in a clinical setting or as a healing practice. Such behavior is not acceptable between a practitioner and a client. It should be reserved for your intimate relationships.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen.

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