How to Get Out of a Funk

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How to Get Yourself Out of a Funk

Sad Woman Sitting on Steps
Sad Woman Sitting on Steps. martin-dm / Getty Images

Are You in a Funk?

Whenever I'm in a funk, I feel grumpy and disengaged from life in general. Basically, I become lethargic during these periods. My motivation is in such low gear that it becomes barely noticeable. I'm not spinning my wheels going nowhere, they become locked in place. Usually I go ahead and allow myself to indulge in my funk for a day or two. Who doesn't love an occasional pity party? But, beyond that time period I'm really concerned that I'm headed toward a dark shadow. I'm fully aware that depression could get its ugly grip on me if I don't turn the corner. Persistent bad moods can absolutely lead to health problems. Do yourself a favor and seek out some healthy outlets for releasing depressive thoughts and squelching lack-luster activities.

Definition of a funk: lack of motivation and low energy

Try These 10 Healthy Ways to Get Yourself out of a Funk

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Walk Barefoot in the Grass

Walking Barefoot on the Grass
Walking Barefoot on the Grass. Steve West / Getty Images

Go for a walk - I'm not talking about a marathon here. If you can only manage a walk around the block you'll be better for it. Better yet, kick off your shoes and take a stroll through the grass to reacquaint yourself with the earth's grounding energies. Be sure to take in some deep breaths while you're outside to clear your lungs.

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Show Love

Paper Heart
Share a Little Love. Graciela Vilagudin

Be Kind - When you're in a funk it is likely that your heart is in a fragile state and could use some extra loving. The best way to feel loved is to open your heart and extend your love to others. If you don't have someone special in your life to share your love with why not engage yourself in a Random Act of Kindness. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something that will brighten someone else's dayl Afterwards, I'm betting you will both feel better.

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Hang Out with a Kid

Petting Zoo
Petting Zoo. Fotosearch

Spend quality time with a child - Take your niece/nephew or a neighbor's child out on a special outing to a zoo or playtime at a nearby park. Even a quick trip to get corn dogs and a root beer float will be appreciated. Children love it when adults give them special attention. Plus, you'll get the satisfaction of not only bringing about a joyful smile on a child's face, you'll be smiling too! 

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Change Your Bed Sheets

Woman Changing Bed Sheets
Woman Changing Bed Sheets. Asia Images Group / Getty Images

Change your bed sheets - Better yet, go out and purchase a new set of colorful bed linens to brighten up your bedroom. When is the last time you changed your linens anyway? If you let your routine weekly sheet change slip by then you're certainly in FUNK territory. Crisp, clean, and colorful bed linens to curl up inside at bedtime will offer comfort when you most need it. 

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Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Soup Kitchen
Soup Kitchen. Ariel Skelley / Getty Images

Be a Volunteer - Put yourself in a position of service to those who are less fortunate than you are. Volunteers are always needed at soup kitchens and food pantries. Your own worries will seem less troubling when you see firsthand the plight of others.

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Suck it Up!

Young Man Vacuuming Enthusiastically
Young Man Vacuuming Enthusiastically. JupiterImages

Clean Up Your Environment - One of the quickest ways to generate new and fresh energy moving into my space is to clear away clutter and any stagnant energies by throwing out useless materials. Tossing out trash may seem like work, but it is totally energizing once you get the hang of it. You may even feel like dancing while your vacuuming up the floor.

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Try a New Recipe

Young Man Trying Out a New Recipe
Young Man Trying Out a New Recipe. Nazra Zahri

Try Something New - We all get in ruts eating and preparing the same foods again and again. Maybe you won't like it... so what! Where's your adventuresome spirit? The whole idea is to get you out of a funk, right? It is good to unwind your robot now and again to switch gears.

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Hug a Tree

Man Hugging Tree
Man Hugging Tree. Bellurget Jean Louis

Hug a Tree - Spending time with nature is my favorite way to feel better. Put on your hiking boots and get lost for a couple hours near a babbling brook. The outdoors is awaiting. FYI ,  trees need hugs in all seasons.

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Get Some Laughs

Laughing at the Movies
Laughing at the Movies. Brand New Images / Getty Images

Go see a funny movie - Forgo the tear-jerkers, war films, and intense dramas at the theater this time around. You need a good belly-laugh to break that funk, viewing a comedy is your best bet. Invite a friend to go along with you and see who laughs the hardest/longest.

Clown Therapy
Laughter Yoga

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Pamper Yourself

Man Taking Bubble Bath
Man Taking Bubble Bath. Uwe Krejci / Getty Images

Pamper yourself - Do whatever it is that brings you the most joy. It might be indulging in a bubble bath, reading a saucy romance novel, or breaking out of your routine to go inline skating. Don't tell yourself that you don't deserve it. BECAUSE YOU DO!

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