How to Cope with Painful and Annoying Tinnitus Symptoms

Coping Strategies for Tinnitus Symptoms from Tinnitus Sufferers

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Do you suffer from ear noise (ringing, hissing, or crackling) associated with tinnitus? Real tinnitus sufferers offer suggestions and share things they have found that have helped to ease the distraction and discomfort from ringing in the ears. I have organized them by category

  • Suggested Therapies and Diagnostic Tests
  • Suggested Medications and Supplements
  • White Noise / Noise Machines
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Preventative Care
  • More Personal Experiences

Suggested Therapies and Diagnostic Testing

Acupuncture for Tinnitus - I have had acupuncture for tinnitus, and feel that it has lessened it a bit, but it's still there. May have some more acupuncture. You can also apply acupressure yourself to relieve it. ~Kathy

Neuro Massage - Had this since my car accident 10/14/2011. I now go to a Neuro-massage therapist, three times a week and they work on the nerves of your ears and head, so far it has diminished some of the loud ringing.. I hope this goes away soon, though I am going crazy, because it keeps me up most of the night. ~Susan

Meditation Helps - For me meditation has helped to support tinnitus. All day I did meditation twice a day. ~Deo

Iso-tones - I am the lucky recipient of the life challenges of Global High Intensity Trauma (developmentally-induced) and Complex PTSD (events-induced), so relaxing not generally doable. I choose to believe that there's a purpose to what happens. Not a punishment at all, just perhaps an unintended consequence. Most of us are doing the best we can, and as we learn to surmount our life's challenges, we learn to do better. I use fans and ocean wave sound machines, which help. If it gets too loud I begin to chant or pray in a whisper. Sometimes directing my breath down into my thighs, calves, feet and out brings me down out of my head into my body. But I've also found that iso-tones can be surprisingly relaxing and can do interesting things to your brain. Peace. ~Mary

Never Ever Give Up! - Hi Everyone, As I am reading all of your stories and see some of you are giving up. I just want to say: Nature has a cure for everything! I have cured myself from an incurable disease and you can too. There are holistic approaches that work for 90% of people with the ringing in the ears. You need to commit yourselves that you're going to beat this condition. There are books : Triumph Over Tinnitus by Rafaele Joundry and Tinnitus Miracle by Thomas Coleman. Try the holistic approach and feed your body and your mind. Do yoga, I stopped having colds ever since I started and do my breathing exercises regularly. Just do something and never give up! ~Jenny form Sydney

Tinnitus Since Birth - It was about 4 or 5 months before my ear started ringing, first I ignored it all but then I felt that something is bad in my ear. After this my life became hectic. I couldn't concentrate on my studies, neither could I play. I was very upset because of this disease. I consulted many doctors and ENTs about this but I got no relief. 1 very famous ent Dr. Brijendra Shukla suggested me to have audiogram and several other tests of ear in that he said I could not hear sounds of high frequency by birth (left ear). ~Tanmay Mishra

Wine for Tinnitus - I have had tinnitus for 6 years and some days it becomes unbearable it's very high pitched.But I have noticed when I drink a few glasses of wine the tone lowers it also helps me to sleep. Hope this of help to some one. ~Jean Simmonds

Acceptance is Key for Me - I have had constant ringing in my ears for years and years. While it can be very loud (and sometimes are much louder than others), I am still able to hear sounds from outside my body very well. I try to think of it as my spirit guideswhispering in my ears, always letting me know that they are there. Or as the energy from higher beings that registers in my inner ear. In this way I am able to relax and accept that the ringing was a positive signal in my life. Plus, I think the relaxation itself does lower the pitch of the sound a bit. All the best to those of us who experience this sound all the time. Try to find peace with it -- one less battle to fight in life, which is a good thing. ~mpbass

Ear Massage - I have had tinnitus since a childhood incident with a firecracker that went off close to my head. It has gotten louder with age, I am now 50. Most of the time I don't notice it, except at night when I am trying to sleep. A soft background music or fan is helpful, but I have found that a good ear massage quiets the ringing a lot. You pinch the ear lobes and all around the top and inside of the ear, then a light tapping around the back of ear on the scalp. Works for me most of the time. I've never heard about anything that will cure this once the damage is done. ~lizard7

Steam Vapour - I have been suffering on and off for 10 years, recently brought on through giving birth and it is the worse it has ever been! I find inhaling steam regularly helps as it helps to relieve any congestion in the ear. Also, extra sleep seems to help it go altogether. Also going to try Sudafed as I think mine gets worse with colds and mucous build up, going to try drinking more water and meditation/relaxing... hard with 6 month old baby! Due to go to see ent as I get dizzy and heavy feeling across head on left side good luck all and keep.praying, blessings. ~rara

Crystal Healing Bowls - Once you've ruled out any medical cause, you might consider these possibilities: Mother Earth is being hit with lots of energy from solar flares and other universal energies. Some of us are sensitive to these energies. Weather patterns are changing all over the globe from weather machines such as HARP. And some of us are sensitive to that. I have been hearing different frequencies for about 5 years now. I have found that crystal healing bowls help to balance some of these. ~Tarra

Neck Massages / Classical Music - I have had this ringing all my life. When I was very young I thought they were just birds singing. At 14yo they turned into sounding like a chorus of thousands of angels. Now that i am older it is just an incessant wheeeee. I find that drinking tonic (quinine) water seems to help. I developed the idea of an ear worm music that won't quit into a method of forgetting the squeal and listening to the classical music and developing strings of multiple instruments sounding to the beat in my brain. Commercials sometimes come in so loud that the sound vibrations hurt - the mute button works well for those moments. Sometimes when the ringing is so loud I push my thumb into both ears causing pressure. At first the ringing continues but then sometimes it becomes less and a bit more tolerable. A hearing aid did not help it just made the ringing more prominent. Neck massages do help lessen the stress one feels because of this ringing. Classical music helps also. ~garbehr

Suggested Medications and Supplements

How to Sleep and Cope with Tinnitus - I contracted it while I was prescribed Hydrocodone after back surgery. I now take clonazepam to control it and sleep. you will be surprised at how effective it is in treating it. I asked for it. Every doctor should know the benefit of this breakthrough medication. I take one half morning and noon then one whole one at night. The best SLEEP IN THE WORLD !!!. ~Jim Alexander

Cannabis Helps Sometimes - Although cannabis (marijuana) is illegal in most places it seems to sometimes work well sometimes and sometimes no. ~bud

Ringing Never Stops - Three weeks ago I woke up with loud ringing in my ears and dizziness. No help from my doctor who dismissed it as a viral infection. I found out from various websites that I may have Meniere's disease - vomiting, nausea, dizziness and vertigo associated with Tinnitus. The website Remedies for Tinnitus Cure have testimonials from sufferers that claimed to have been cured of the ringing and the other symptoms. My husband discovered Lipo-Flavonoid, a vitamin supplement that claims to be effective in helping with the problem, even though suffering for 20 years. I am taking Lipo-Flavonoid for the past five days and sometimes the ringing is less intense and confine to the left ear. You can buy it online or from the drug store. Hope this will help me and all of you. God bless and good luck. ~Doreen F.

Zinc Tablets - I am a 15+ year sufferer. I recently have tried zinc tablets. It has given some relief, it's worth a try. It hasn't completely stopped , but has quieted it down a bit. ~caredding

Tinnitus is a Symptom, not a Disease - Coping strategies for me include anti-anxiety meds (I have preexisting depression anyway), a noise machine next to the bed, hearing aids with the treble cranked up and trying to keep busy. Like all afflictions there are days when I can't cope, for those days I discuss it with my family and take Alprazolam (Kalma 0.25mg) to stop me despairing as this is REALLY hard to recover from, it takes weeks if I get too far down. I will try acupuncture, chiropractor and everything else I can think of to find the cause.. remember Tinnitus is a symptom, not a stand-alone cause. As the Dalai Lama says, there is always hope, be calm. ~Brett

Medication and Good Music I am 19yrs old, constantly finding myself with a seriously hard to cope with the ringing sound in my ear, similar to cicadas. Usually only mild until I try to work out and get fatigued, then it rings too loud to think straight. I've found anti-anxiety medication and smooth music to ease it until my episode has passed. It's nice to know I'm not alone with this condition. ~Evan D.

Be Your Own Patient Advocate! - Keep a diary on your foods, caffeine and sugar make it worse. Take vitamins for your T. Try meds. I've taken Elavil first, it worked so, so. Now I take Neurontin at bedtime, seems to work better. Try different Drs. if you can afford it. Don't take "No Cure" for an answer. Get an air purifier for night time to sleep. Get an MP3 player, turn on the music softly, and take a walk. I used to put a radio station on soft static with ear buds in to sleep. Try to keep the stress level down. I do neck exercises, which I got from my physical therapist, my T is related to my neck and jaw. Just try to be your own detective, to see what works for you. God Bless You! ~Kittycatang

Betaserc - I had an accident 8 months ago. I suffered a fracture in my skull and a concussion. Since then, I have had this constant noise in my right ear, I have seen many doctors and tried different things. I went to a neurologist 2 months back, he prescribed Betaserc. I feel like the volume of the noise has decreased a bit. Some other things which have I found helpful: avoiding stress and exposure to loud noise, listening to soft music, the fan is really helpful too! I leave the window open sometimes when I want to sleep and that is helpful to because then it is not very quiet, helps blocking the noise a bit. ~mojgan84

Try to Ignore the Sound - I sometimes sit in the washroom and run the tap or shower. It helps me. my prayers for those who suffer. ~frank c wallace

HANG IN THERE - I've had tinnitus for about 7 years, following a very bad ear infection. I was told that it could also be caused by the medication I was given for the infection. At times, like right now, it gets worse because I also suffer from sinus infections. I use a noise machine at night, which helps. To all of you suffering and dealing with tinnitus, hang in there. There is no cure and you have to learn to live with it, but you're not alone! ~Lise

White Noise: Coping Mechanism for Tinnitus - I have had tinnitus for over 30 years. It started as a child after a severe ear infection/ruptured ear drum. It is always present but much louder when I have sinus congestion. I find that I have to sleep with a white noise or the sound in my ears keeps me awake. I use a small ceramic heater that is set to "fan only". The constant smooth humming sound of the fan completely masks my tinnitus and I sleep great. ~sabatini

White Noise Helps a Great Deal - I have had tinnitus all my life. It has been an ever present background noise and having no recall of what silence should sound like, I don't really feel like I "suffer" from it. Although I do sometimes have unusually loud sounds at times and grasp how difficult it must be if you've had silence when you wanted it before. I agree with all others who say that "white noise" - music, fans, ocean waves, fountains, etc, helps a great deal with covering the sounds of tinnitus. My heart goes out to everyone who has this condition, you really are NOT suffering alone. ~MaryP

Sleep with Fan Running - I have been having this problem for about 2yrs. I went to my ENT i had an MRI and an ear test where they put water in the ear, I think that made it worst. I now sleep with the fan going all night.

Mind Over Matter

My Whole Life Has Changed - I know the suffering you experience. Since 2010 I have had ringing which began with vertigo. I have lost vertigo but the ringing is very intense. I have found that getting out in the fresh air and working in my yard takes my mind off the noise in my head. Inside the house it gets louder. At night the hum of the ceiling fan puts me at ease so I can sleep. Continue praying. God is still the healer of all diseases. My faith is God is what sustains me; without Him I would surely be in a dire mess. Don't cry, that only makes it worse. Find a good book and get totally lost in the pages, listen to white noise; static on the radio is not one of them. There are subliminal tapes with rushing water, rain falling etc that will also help. Be brave and ride this horrible wave out with the other thousands who suffer with it. ~Shilohs Mom

Keep Your Mind on Other Things - The more I listen to it, the worse it seems to get. I tell myself I am foolish to be concerned. But then I am foolish not to be. The hardest part is that it seems so hard to talk to people about. I try to say something just to relieve the inner pressure, and I got brushed off. If you don't suffer from tinnitus, then you just don't understand. But reading the stories here I see others do understand. Like many have said, the only thing is to get busy so your mind is on other things. But when I stop, there it is, like an unwanted friend. You don't want to offend, but there it is, and you're not happy about it. Some days it is gone. Then I think, yeah, I am over it. Then it's back again. Only when I am asleep is it truly gone. I know I am in a dream when I can't hear it. It's kind of strange. You don't appreciate the silence until it is gone. Then, there is no way to get it back. I want to cry, but I have no time for self pity. Well, it's time for bed. ~Bubba

Static - What I found out at night helps is to put your radio on low static like running water or a talk show but on static. ~David

Keep Busy - Thinking about it is worse. Yes, it's hard not to but having the volume a little higher while cooking, or music playing in the background helps throughout the day. It sucks, but there are so many people that suffer from this. Stay positive and don't let it run your life! ~Michelle

Loud, But Positive - I am 22 years old, had tinnitus for 3 years now. I'm young and life is too short to focus on this tormenting symptom. Stay positive, if you're unhappy its probably not the tinnitus but something else that's going on in your life. ~William

Noises Distract Me - I have only had tinnitus a short while, but actually concentrating on something else is all I find works. My noisy classroom at work distracts me heaps, and just doing something else to keep my mind off it is what seems to work. I used to love the silence, but now my life is just hectic and that's all I can do. ~Rod

Strive to Be Happy - In Desiderata Max Ehrmann encourages us to, "Strive to be happy." These are the words I keep with me each day I live with tinnitus. My ENT advised, "Learn to live with it." I advise you, my friends, to accept it and learn to live again; quickly. ~Michael from KY

Preventative Care

Squeezable Earplugs - Preventative Care - I read all the previous answers and agree with most that it may be incurable as it is the sign of hearing damage usually due to loud noises (music, concerts, bands, and often in men, the use of many power tools.) I think it is important that you use ear protection even when mowing the lawn to help prevent further problems. Those squeezable earplugs are good. I have used ear protection for years even at concerts. I discreetly put some silicon earplugs in and loosen them just enough to hear and enjoy the music but not leave with my ears ringing. I hope they do find a cure for tinnitus as so many people suffer from it and the upcoming generation likes everything even louder, not realizing the consequences. ~Geo

Protect Your Ears - I am only 17 years old and have tinnitus. I got it from going to loud concerts. I strongly recommend wearing ear protection whenever exposing yourself to loud noises, because you absolutely don't want tinnitus. I have to be in constant ignore mode which isn't fun and school sucks because I can barely concentrate. ~Joey

Ear Plugs  - Use ear plugs for some variations of ringing. It won't stop all of it but it does quiet it down some. This may only work for loud ringing. Had this most of my life. It is louder lately because I've been eating Halloween chocolate candy. ~Joseph J veverka

Hydrate! Avoid Caffeine - I have a ringing or buzz on the right side of my head. It doesn't necessarily feel like it's directly in my ear. I am only aware of it when I am trying to go to sleep at night and if it is really quiet during the day. About a month ago I stopped drinking diet Pepsi and started increasing the water I drink. The ringing is not gone but is so soft. I have not been to a doctor and it is not intolerable for me at this point but couldn't help but wonder if dehydration might have something to do with it. ~Stacey

Personal Experiences by Tinnitus Sufferers

Tinnitus + Heartbeat - The noise I hear sounds like 10,0000 crickets or cicadas. More so in the left ear than the right. Sometimes louder than other times. I've also had a lot of dental work done and have misalignment of the jaw for a long time before the tinnitus ever started. I have a condition where my heart skips a beat or flutters for a second. When that happens the sound stops completely then immediately comes back. I also discovered that if I push on the side of my head between my temple and ear the ringing increases 10 fold. I miss the quiet. ~kissy face

Stress, Smoking and Heat Aggravates Tinnitus - I have had tinnitus for close to twenty years. I've found a significant reduction in ring intensity when I stop smoking for prolonged periods. The relief usually happens the same or next day after stopping. I've noticed a significant increase in the "default" ring intensity a few months ago and am hoping these permanent intensity increases don't happen too frequently. Does anyone know if tinnitus is a continually degrading condition? I'm 57 and am a Blues musician. At times the ringing really alienates me from my love of music. Quite depressing. Not news but after two weeks off, my second day back at a very stressful job and the ringing has definitely increased. Not much I can do about that situation, but validation of the association between stress and tinnitus. Oddly enough, I've never had any problems falling or staying asleep. One last thought, I've found a heating pad on the back of my head helps, as does applying tiger balm to my earlobes, temple and behind my ears. ~Danny B

Life is Beautiful - What gets me through each day is knowing that you can live with this. I have lost friends to cancer and other terminal illnesses and unfortunately they did not have a choice to live on. When my tinnitus is really bothering me, I think of all those people that would probably trade positions with us in a heartbeat. Sure, it's loud, sure it's very difficult to cope with- but we must find ways to focus on the positive and move forward. Good luck to all of us. I hope this helps. ~PT

New Song in My Head - I have suffered from the ringing in my ears for over 25 years. It seemed to start suddenly, but most likely is from damage caused by attending too many rock concerts in small venues. It was overwhelming at first, and I also submitted to many tests to attempt to rule out other health issues that cause this. What finally worked for me was to realize that at least I wasn't deaf, and could still hear. That many people suffer from far greater diseases and this one was just a new song that I would have to carry with me. I also try to remind myself that even if there is a ringing in my ears, the body still pumps blood, the eyes still see. Usually, this reminder that I have so much to be thankful for puts it all into better perspective. In my better moods, I tell myself that it is my body's way of telling me the energy fields are working! It doesn't ALWAYS work, but acceptance is very key to being able to function. Peace. ~Kerri

I Pray One Day a Cure is Found - I have suffered with chronic tinnitus after a fractured scull base from a fall. My life seems totally devastated now. The only thing that keeps me going is hope. My tinnitus varies from just noticed to intense screaming, especially if i drink a beer the night before. Nobody is interested because they don't understand. I pray one day a cure is found for everyone. I found after a good meal it can dramatically reduce. ~BrianjaqmesTaylor

Deaf and Tinnitus - I was born with nerve deafness.. severe in my right ear.. but its funny that ringing is perceived in my left since it is my left ear that works best. The ringing like a high pitch electrical ringing doesn't bother me. It is just the one constant sound among all the other ever changing sounds around me. It is louder when cold fronts come through or I take some sinus meds. But it never stands out until a situation like a power outage. I dislike hearing only the ringing. I prefer fan sounds or other sounds with it, no one sound. I prefer many sounds together. Earplugs can't help.. then I would only hear ringing because the sound is inside, not outside. I have a friend who just began having the ringing, she finds it debilitating. I don't let her talk that way because I believe the only way to cope is to find a way to coexist with it. Hers has a chance to one day go away, mine is different. My advise is to find a way to accept it. Since I accept it, it does not hurt me. ~cynthia

Comforting to Know I'm Not Alone - I am 19, I've suffered with episodes of tinnitus since before I can remember. I've had a permanent 2 tone ringing for the last 6 months. I was born hearing impaired and I think my tinnitus started when my eardrum ruptured as a child. I am so desperate for just a moment of silence. I really think I'm losing my mind. My tried and tested methods of distraction are completely rubbish now and nothing I've tried eases the ringing. It's a comfort to know I'm not the only one feeling this tortured. ~Jessie

It's the Crickets - The noise I hear the first thing in the morning and the last thing I hear at night I call Crickets Singing. Use to live in NC and in the summer we would sit on the porch late in the afternoon and the crickets would sing from a slow beginning to very loud and then stop a few moments and begin again for hours. My 'crickets' singing in my ears do not stop! I've read that dental work and misalignment of the jaw can cause this but I haven't found anyone willing to help me, including my dentist who has "fixed" every tooth in my mouth! More research needed. At 69 and having this for at least 10 years, it hinders my hearing more and more and certain sounds I do not hear. It really does sound like a bunch of crickets all the time. ~Abn

Snack Therapy - I have had an ear infection and the whistling for about 1 week. Last nght the noise was intense. I ate a handful of pretzels with a mug of hot chocolate. The ringing diminished and I slept like a baby. Good Luck and God Bless. ~matt1957

Run for Cover - I have have Tinnitus for years. it varies in intensity with some external sound pitches activating a loud response resonance - other times it's quieter but never leaves me. At home I have a small indoor pond with running water - it seems to cover the noise if the room is otherwise silent. I got my Tinnitus after a loud rave street party event - loud noise and tiredness. If it gets extreme I pretend I'm an alien and just downloading messages :-) Yeah whacky, eh, but I'm over 50, otherwise sane, so blame Star Trek or something :-) I guess what I do is make the noise part of me. Good luck all! ~why_me

Poem written by Jeanne: Can you tell me what silence sounds like ~ I am beginning to forget ~ On the way in to work one morning ~ I shook the bushes ~ To see if a thousand singing crickets were hiding there ~ They weren't.

The Noise is Gone, Then it Came Back! - I have had a noise that sounds like machinery moving 24 hours a day. My doctor told me to stop completely, Advils and Ibuprofens, and caffeine. That done, I wondered three weeks later if the noise was ever going to go away. After studying the story about Jesus Christ commanding the storm to stop, and it did; and after recalling the story about the woman who believed if she touched the hem of Jesus' clothes and she would be healed, I remembered He had healed me many times before of some serious stuff. I prayed, asking Jesus to heal me from this noise and return the peace and beauty of the quiet I once had - and this morning the noise was gone! Though sometimes I was searching for the noise like I wondered if it was gone for good and thought I heard it. But then, after a tall glass of orange juice the sound was back. It was reading material on the Internet that revealed that foods have an effect that brings out tinnitus. I will continue to be in prayer as I adjust my eating habits, too. ~Diana

Solving the Riddle... Tinnitus - If you have tinnitus have your doctor check for a fistula. My dad suffered for many many years with tinnitus and it was very hard for him. He went to MAYO Roch, MN and after much time and care it was found he had a fistula which MANY MANY doctors overlooked. He had a surgery 2 years ago where they unblocked the fistula and has been tinnitus free. My words of wisdom: Don't take NO for an answer, or that you "just have to live with it", find a doctor who will do the research, take the extra steps BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE, meaning -fight for it- get 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions. If I didn't make my dad fight he would still be living with a fistula. Or, he could have been dead because undiagnosed fistulas can rupture and kill. The fistula had been overlooked by SIX different drs. Find the doctor who will help. ~caitiemcdoogalmacgreggor

A Sense of Humor - I have suffered with tinnitus for about two years. Sometimes the buzzing makes me feel like screaming, but I tell myself I am not going to let it ruin my life. I walk around as if the buzzing is not there, even though I can hear it. I have decided to not let it control me. I just ignore, ignore, and ignore some more. I tell my grandkids that the buzzing sounds I hear are really communications from out of space. It really does help to have a sense of humor about the condition. ~BR

Living with Tinnitus - I have had Tinnitus for about 15 years now, and it doesn't get any easier. It is louder now and I'm about to lose my mind. The only thing that helps is a fan running at night, or the TV playing so that I can get to sleep. I'm researching now for a cure. I can't take it anymore, and everything and everyone is annoying. I'm at the end of my rope. ~Jerry

Befriend Your Tinnitus - I am 42 yrs old and I have perfect hearing. I have tinnitus 6 mths now. I have 3 noises in my right ear. A constant ringing and humming and a buzzing which comes and goes. I lost over a stone in weight through stress. I gave myself a good talking to and I learned coping mechanisms as I couldn't live like that. I befriended my tinnitus and got to know how it was affecting my life. Don't deny you have tinnitus. That is the secret to living with it. When I feel frustrated I say to myself that I could have worse problems and that tinnitus will not harm me. It is annoying but it will not stop you doing the things you like to do. Keep your stress levels down as much as you can. Its not easy when you first get tinnius and i thought i would never cope with it. But I am coping well. It is very frightening when it first appears but believe me you do get used to it. I can go to bed and my tinnitus goes into the background. You don't hear the tinnitus as loudly after a while. So there is hope!! ~Carol Mulligan

Tinnitus Management - I had tinnitus since 3 weeks ago. The first week was terrible as I couldn't sleep and was constantly thinking and worried of the ringing sound in my ears. Thankfully, I pray to Lord Jesus Christ and he has given me so much comfort and most of all allow me to sleep better. Try exercising such as swimming and jogging, as they are good in relaxing and for sleeping. Take some herbal products for sleep anxiety. All these will greatly help you to sleep better. Pray to lord. ~Roger

Adaption to Tinnitus is Possible - Tinnitus is like addiction in that unless you have experienced this life changing alteration; you can not comprehend the devastation. Can you imagine having constant noise(buzzing,ringing,whooshing)in your brain 24 hours everyday? In my case,it is louder then normal speech, and makes many speech sounds inaudible. I have 'adapted' to my noise induced tinnitus(airbag implosion noise during an automobile accident in 1996)! The initial adjustment is horrendous! Insomnia caused by the constant ear noise, depression, communication loss, job loss, isolation, and locating a professional to listen that understood the life alterations this medical condition induces. I found help through The American Tinnitus Association. Provided by phone support and an audiological exam from the ATA at the Oregon Health Institute. The education I received from their experts was my life line. Other sucesssful coping strategies are noise masking, and tinnitus counseling. ~grieftalk

Adjust Volumes Phones and Televisions - When I was 47 I was given sulfa drugs to treat a UTI. After 10min. I went into A-fib. I was taken to ER and got shocked. (good thing I was at the hospital). I had all the heart tests done and I was in great shape except for the A-fib. It is controlled very well with Rx. The long story, I realized that the ringing in my ears wasn't going away. It doesn't go up or down it is just there. I have always had very good hearing and that hasn't gone away. On the phones in the lab where I work I have to adjust the volume down from the #7 level to the #2 level every time I pick up a phone. At first I thought someone it the lab was hard of hearing but when I started watching to see who it was I found out that it was me who was out of step. The most irritating thing though is the volume increase when a commercial comes on on the TV. It seems that it is just blasting at a high level and it makes me think I have had it too high to begin with. ~Bob

Wax Build-up in the Ear Canal - The amount of wax ears produce varies by individual. Sometimes, people produce enough wax that their hearing can be compromised or their tinnitus can seem louder. If you produce a lot of earwax, speak to your physician about having excess wax removed manually-not with a cotton swab, but by an otolaryngologist. ~whw

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