How to Create a Sacred Space for Pagan Rituals

A sacred space may help you in your magical and spiritual practice

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Creating a Sacred Space

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Many people create a sacred space in their homes for meditation and ritual work. Image by Juzant/Digital Vision/Getty Images

For many people who follow earth and nature-based religions, there is a true sense of magic in the use of sacred space. A sacred space is one between the worlds, a spot that is not just a physical place, but one that exists on the spiritual plane as well. It may help you in your magical and spiritual practice if you learn how to create a sacred space for yourself - and this can happen either by creating a temporary space on an as-needed basis ​or a permanent one that remains in place all the time.

Sacred space is found in many places in the magical world - locations like Stonehenge, the Bighorn Medicine Wheel, and Machu Picchu are just a few examples of the many sites considered magical. However, if you can't get to one of these, creating your own sacred space is a far more feasible option.

Here are some ideas on how you can create a sacred space of your own.

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Choose Wisely

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Choose a location that makes you feel good. Image by Fred Paul/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

You might have a spare empty spot in your basement that you’re considering turning into a ritual space - but just because it’s available doesn’t make it the best spot for you to use. Consider things such as lighting, environment, and traffic patterns when you’re selecting a sacred space. If that corner of the basement is right next to where the furnace is going to kick on, and you can hear the sump pump slogging away nearby, it may not be a great idea. Try to find and utilize an area that feels welcoming and comforting. That may require some creativity or even the relocation of other things from other rooms.

Outdoor sacred space can be amazing and powerful - but again, consider things like traffic and environment. If you live in a climate that has changing seasons, you may not be able to use your space during inclement weather. Your outdoor space may work well sometimes, but not all year long - so have a backup plan in place.

Obviously, your preferred sacred space is going to depend on your needs. If you want a silent, cool, dark place for ritual, your selection will vary greatly from someone who wants light and air and sunshine.

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Make it Your Own

You can customize your sacred space with books, wall hangings, or statuary to make it more personal. Image by Janine Lamontagne/Vetta/Getty Images

That corner in the basement or the spare bedroom where your college student no longer lives may be a great place for your sacred space, but if it’s still got cobwebs and puppy posters all over it, it’s time for a change. Take everything off the walls that’s not yours, give it a thorough physical cleaning, and make it your own. Consider a fresh coat of paint, maybe a bit of new carpet if necessary, and bring your personal items in. A few shelves on the walls for knickknacks and books, perhaps a framed piece of art, and a seat for meditation are all things you can add to the space. If you’ve got room, think about placing a small table that you can use as an altar or workspace.

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Burning Sage
Many people use burning sage to ritually cleanse a space. Image by Chris Gramly/Vetta/Getty Images

For many people, the simple ritualized act of cleansing can be a perfect way to create a sacred space. You can take a room that gets everyday usage, and by ritually cleansing it, turn it into a place of magic and tranquility. Use methods such as smudging and asperging to ritually cleanse the space prior to use, and you’ll find it makes a big difference in the feel of the place.

You may also wish to perform a ritual that ceremonially dedicates the space and designates it as a magical, sacred place.

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