How to Be a Good Christian Girlfriend

Dating can be a winding, emotional road.  When we date as teenagers, sometimes we’re not always making the best decisions in a relationship, and we need to learn to be the best we can be.  So learning how to be a good Christian girlfriend can not only help us navigate our dating relationships, but also how to treat one another better in a general way.

Put God First
God should always be the most important thing in our lives.  We get distracted by a lot of things, and relationships can sometimes end up taking priority over Him.  However, a good Christian girlfriend reminds herself often that there is a reason she is a Christian.  God is our center, not our dating partner. So it means prioritizing prayer, time with God, Bible reading, and church.  Loving God first allows us to love one another more.  

Then Family Second
Family is an incredible, built-in support system, and we can’t take that for granted. Unfortunately, most people we date in high school aren’t going to be the people we marry (sad, but far more true than not true). If we can put the person we’re dating before our family, it doesn’t say much about us being able to honor our parents or love our brothers and sisters.  We have to find balance, and showing you love God and family only demonstrates we can love others unconditionally.

Be Respectful
People think differently, and while that makes us amazing individuals, it doesn’t always make it easy for us to respect one another.  To be a good Christian girlfriend means that we have to respect our dating partner. Our opinions vary.  Our partners do things that are sometimes annoying.  Instead of demanding that your partner do or see things your way, be respectful of your differences and try to understand.

Honor Your Partner
Treating the person you’re dating with respect is important when you’re with them, but also when you’re not.  Sometimes girls get into the “whose boyfriend is worse” game.  However, you’re not honoring your partner if you’re disrespecting them behind your back.  You’re also not honoring your partner if you’re ogling other guys and flirting with other people.  A good girlfriend is also loyal.

Be Encouraging
There is something called henpecking that is something similar to nagging.  For some reasons, girlfriends tend to control situations by nagging their partners into submission.  However, a good partner communicates through real conversation. They encourage the person their dating rather than knocking them down.  If the person your dating tells you they want to try something new, encourage it.  Be supportive, and be honest.  

Be Independent
Sometimes we fall into a pattern of needing to be with the person we’re dating all the time.  However, that can get suffocating, and we can lose ourselves to the other person.  Make sure you spend some time doing things for you.  Take some time away from each other.  It may seem nice to be together 24/7, but allowing ourselves to do some things independently makes the time we spend with our partner that much better.

Laugh, A Lot
A relationship doesn’t have to be serious all the time.  Sure, matters are the heart are some serious business.  No one likes to break up.  No one likes to have their heart broken.  However, if we get too serious about the relationship, we lose sight of the point.  Relationships should be fun. They should make us feel better, lighter.  So find ways to bring the laughter and joy into the relationship.  Do something fun.  Find ways to laugh out loud with one another.

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