How Mormons Celebrate Easter

Celebrating Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Easter pageant in Mesa, AZ
Photo Provided Courtesy Mesa Easter Pageant Committee

There are several ways that Mormons celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints focus on Jesus Christ at Easter by celebrating His Atonement and resurrection. Here are some of the ways Mormons celebrate Easter.
Easter Pageant
Every Easter the Church of Jesus Christs holds a huge pageant in Mesa, Arizona about Christ's life, ministry, death, and resurrection. This Easter pageant is "the world's largest annual outdoor Easter pageant, with a cast of over 400" who celebrate Easter through music, dance, and drama.
Easter Sunday Worship
Mormons celebrate Easter Sunday by worshiping Jesus Christ through attending church where they partake of the sacrament, sing hymns of praise, and pray together.
On Easter Sunday church services often focus on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, including talks, lessons, Easter hymns, songs, and prayers. Sometimes a ward may hold a special Easter program during sacrament meeting which might include a narrative, special musical number(s), and talks about Easter and Jesus Christ.
Visitors are always welcome to come worship with us on Easter Sunday or any other Sunday of the year.
Easter Lessons
At church children are taught lessons about Easter in their primary classes.

Mormons Celebrate Easter With Family
Mormons often celebrate Easter as a family through Family Home Evening (with lessons and activities), having Easter dinner together, or holding other special Easter activities as a family. These Easter activities could include any of the usual traditional family activities such as coloring eggs, egg hunts, Easter baskets, etc.

Easter is a beautiful holiday. I love celebrating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ through worshiping Him. I know Christ lives and loves us. May we worship our Savior and Redeemer as we celebrate His triumph over death each and every Easter holiday.

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