How Do You Pray?

Offering Healing Prayers

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Whether your healing prayers are for yourself, for a family member or friend, focused on a group of individuals, or a general request for world peace, it is your intention that stirs healing into action. Prayer really does offer a powerful effect on our well being.

The intention of closed eyes during prayer is to quiet the mind whereas the intention of two hands placed together during prayer is to quiet the physical body's activities. When the mind and hands are silenced the spirit is allowed a more focused communication with a place of knowing.


With the intention of honoring each person's choice of receiving and to serve the highest good of everyone concerned all prayers and healing energies offered within this Circle-of-Healing-Light are given freely and respectfully for those who have asked.

Your requests for prayers and healings can be submitted at the Circle-of-Healing-Light. (Please note: As of September 27, 2014, the prayer request form has been disabled in lieu of a newer submission tool in the making that will take its place. The projected timeframe for this to happen is December 2014.). 

In the interim, please light a prayer candle

Different Approaches to Prayer

Listed below are a few of the different approaches some our Circle of Healing Light members take in offering prayers. We certainly are a very diverse group!

Medicine Wheel Prayer Ceremony

Whitehorse Woman carries a print out of the prayer list with her as she enters the medicine wheel to read and offer to the North, East, South, North, Father Sun, Mother Earth, and the Creator each day... read the specifics here on how to do this ceremony yourself.

Calling Upon the Archangels

I chant OM, repeat the great invocation several times, chant OM, rub my hands together to feel the love and energy flowing. I then hold the printout of the prayer request in my hands at heart level knowing that they are surrounded and filled with light, love, and power and know that the archangels Michael, Ariel, Raphael, and Gabriel surround them. I say the names of the requesting person and the person they request help for (these names I have written on a separate piece of paper). I end with OMs and the great invocation... shared by Judy

Special Invocation

Immersed in God's healing love, you are renewed in body and spirit. Your minds and bodies are healed through the power of God's love as divine order blesses every function of your bodies. In the name and through the power of the living and loving Christ presence, Amen... shared by Angelguyre

Tasbim Sunset/Sunrise Chant

May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies Please Come to me.
May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies Please Come surround me.
May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies Please Flow Through Me.
May the Love and the Light and the Healing Energies Heal all those around me... shared by Dana Ludeking

Message from Dana: I go through the list and pray or chant my healing prayer I learned in a dream (see chant above). I see us that work as channeling healing or prayers to those in need of them all working together in a big prayer or healing circle. So I pray for all those in the Circle of Healing Light... and the Circle of Healing Light for me extends to everyone and everything, as I believe we all are all connected. I woke up chanting these words one morning after I prayed for a way to send healing to others. I also use Reiki, and Tai Chi, and visualization methods when it comes to channeling healing towards others. Sometimes I wait for a name or situation to jump out at me and I focus more on them. I do a mixture of non-traditional Shamanic methods I have learned from my Spirit friends through dream, and meditation.

P.S. I call my own spiritual tradition either Heinzism or Tasbim (Truth As By I am) If you have time and want to learn more about it check out my belief system area on my website...

Sending Reiki Energies

I draw Reiki to myself with all the symbols and give one STRONG AND GENUINE INTENTION that "I request Reiki to flow through my soul to x, y soul" etc. for I believe Reiki is a way of exchange of energy. When I do the above method I sort of feel oneness with all that is..." shared by Nithya

Laying of Hands / Sending Divine White Reiki Light

The routine I have is to sit in front of the computer in the evening before I go to bed and lay hands on the computer, I scroll down the list, sometimes I will read the request as I read down and sometimes the spirit just has me to pray a general prayer. I send out the Divine White Reiki Light... shared by Sadaqa

Unified Prayer

Since I practice Mahikari and Reiki, I use my hands when I pray, and if I am strapped for time, I will sit at the computer and pray for the requesting person and all individuals connected to that person for "the best possible Divine arrangement." When possible, I download the request list, try to condense it, and carry it around in my pocket to pull out and pray when I have a spare minute. I have offered a "unified" prayer for all of the recipients, you, and the prayer givers, not breaking out individuals... shared by Patsy

Candle Light Visualization

I do light candles and meditate while I picture the person/animal in my mind. Sometimes I do burn incense... shared by Gayle

Family Prayer Candle

Each time I receive mail from The Healing Circle I place all the prayers on a special table where I have fresh flowers and special crystals. I light a candle every day. If I forget someone else in the family will light a candle. It is a group effort... shared by Pat

Calling Upon the White Light

First I put my hand on the computer screen after I pull up the requests, I pray to the Father to please give me the White light of The Holy Spirit, the warmth of the Comforter, and to listen to and answer my prayers in the name of His Son. Then I read the requests, I have been involved in some of the situations that I read about and I usually send a specific request for these requests that are familiar. If someone is being attacked by an evil energy, I stop everything and send the White Light to surround them and demand the the evil energy leave in the Name of Jesus. There is nothing more terrifying than to be pulled and prodded and abused by evil. I know, I lived through it and it almost destroyed me. But I am still here and no longer bugged by those creepy little maggots. When I get to the end of the list I again offer up prayers for the members and throughout the week each time I pray (a few times a day) I again ask for blessing for all those on the list... shared by Ellie

Message from Ellie: When I first signed up for the prayer circle I was feeling scared, alone, and in need of a lot of prayer myself. I never realized how healing it was to have so many people to pray for myself. Suddenly I wasn't "The Only One." I was able to be of some help. I am very grateful to have others to pray for. We have had prayer miracles in the past and it is almost overwhelming to watch and feel the process, I say feel because you can almost feel the love and the warmth of the healings that are being sent on your behalf. Thank you for the opportunity to pray for others in need.

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