Benefits of Homeopathic Bird Remedies

Learn the bird-like identifiers

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Homeopathic bird remedies are primarily made using bird feathers, but sometimes they are made from bird claws or blood. Basically, the essence of a bird is captured and made into a homeopathic remedy to treat a variety of different issues or imbalances. In homeopathy, the essence of any substance acquired from a living source such as animal, plant, or mineral can be diluted and made into a life-force remedy.

Emotional issues, whether they are expressed or repressed, can be addressed by applications of bird remedy dosages. The homeopathic prescriptions address anger, shame, isolation, abandonment, resentment, hopelessness, aloofness, and over sensitivities.

Who Could Benefit From Homeopathic Bird Remedies?

Individuals who are in need of bird remedies will often display bird-like attributes that will help the homeopathic practitioner to identify the appropriate bird remedy to prescribe. Are you or do you know anyone in your life who is bird-like? Perhaps your aunt eats like a bird, foraging through her plate for the best morsels. Is your neighbor always fingering or twirling strands of her hair-a preener? How about the cousin who cannot sit still, always looking about? Is your sister a bit of an airhead? And, how about your brother always whistling a tune around the house—a songbird.

Bird-Like Identifiers

  • Dreamers - Anyone who tends to be a lofty thinker or dreamer. These individuals are often flighty or scatter-minded in nature. 
  • Adventurers - Anyone who thrives on activities for the thrill or excitement. Adventurer types (mountain climbers, pilots, bungee jumpers (desire to be up high in the sky). On the other side of the matrix, bird remedies can help non-adventurers who feel uncomfortably tethered to one place (desire to be free or to fly away).
  • Caregivers and Workaholics - These types tend to run themselves ragged. They would be the parent birds who tirelessly tend to care and provide for their babies.
  • Nature Lovers - Nature lovers and outdoorsy types who have strong desire to breathe fresh air.
  • Nervous Nellies - Fidgety or nervous individuals such as nail-biters, scab pickers, hair twirlers, etc. These people in the bird world would be the obsessive feather preeners.
  • Wise Guys - Inquisitive types, those people or are seekers of knowledge or higher education.
  • Song Birds - Composers, singers, and others who love music.
  • Intuitives - Individuals who are keen on subtle energies. They may have acute hearing and vision, or a heightened sense of awareness in general.

Jonathan Shore, MD. details his study of birds and homeopathic bird remedies in his book Birds. Homeopathic Remedies from the Avian Realm. Included in this extensive text are clinical case studies of sixteen different bird remedies.

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