The Holy Ghost Is the Third Separate Entity in the Godhead

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ Are the Other Members

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Mormons do not believe in the traditional Christian version of the Trinity. We believe in God, our Heavenly Father and in His son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is a separate and distinct entity and the third member of the Godhead.

When Jesus was baptized by John, we know the Holy Ghost alighted on Him in the form of a dove and His influence was felt at that time.

Who the Holy Ghost Is

The Holy Ghost does not have a body. He is a spirit person. His spirit body allows Him to perform His special responsibilities on this earth. His body consists of spirit matter, but it is not a body of flesh and bones, like that of Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ.

The Holy Ghost is referred to by many terms. Some include the following:

  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Testifier
  • The Comforter
  • Spirit of Truth
  • Still Small Voice
  • Whispering of  the Spirit

Whatever He is called and however He is referred to, He has distinct responsibilities.

What the Holy Ghost Does

Since coming to their earth, we have not been able to live with Heavenly Father or walk and talk with Him. The Holy Ghost communicates to us from Heavenly Father. One of his responsibilities is to witness the truth to us and bear witness of the Father and the Son.

When Heavenly Father communicates with us through the Holy Ghost, this is spiritual communication. The Holy Ghost speaks directly to our spirits, mainly through feelings and impressions in our minds and hearts.

Other responsibilities of the Holy Ghost include sanctifying us and cleansing us of sin and bringing us peace and comfort and safety. Spiritual guidance from the Holy Ghost can keep us physically and spiritually safe. Since He testifies of truth, His is the best guidance we have in mortal life.

Moroni promises us that if we read and pray about the Book of Mormon sincerely, the Holy Ghost will testify to us that it is true. This is the best example of how the Holy Ghost testifies of truth.

How to Feel the Holy Ghost

Unlike secular knowledge and the knowledge gained through our senses, spiritual communication from the Holy Ghost comes in spiritual ways. It is a spirit to spirit communication.

In fact, it is only when we are spiritually in tune, and seeking spiritual things, that we can feel the Holy Ghost's influence in our lives.

Wickedness and sin will dull our spiritual senses and make it difficult or impossible for us to hear or feel Him. Moreover, our sinning will cause the Holy Ghost to depart from us because He cannot dwell in unclean places.

Sometimes you know if you could not possibly think a thought on your own. If a sudden idea occurs to you, that you know you did not author, it could be that you are feeling spiritual communication from the Holy Ghost.

As you continue to learn and develop spiritually, you will become more adept at knowing when the Holy Ghost is speaking to you, prompting you or inspiring you.

To continue to receive communication from the Holy Ghost we must act on what we are spiritually told and follow any promptings we receive.

Why the Gift of the Holy Ghost Is Reserved for Mormons

Anyone has the ability to feel the Holy Ghost's influence in their life. However, the right to have the Holy Ghost with you at all times comes from baptism and confirmation in the Lord's true church. It is called the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

When you are confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the priesthood holder says, "Receive the Holy Ghost" you receive this gift.

The Holy Ghost was manifested after John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. The Gift of the Holy Ghost is given to you after your own baptism.

This gives you the right to have the Holy Ghost with you continuously until you die and return to heaven. It is a phenomenal gift and one we should cherish and use throughout our lives.