Gift List Ideas for New Age Friends and Family

Shopping options for holistic health, energy work or the divination lover

You have a friend or family member who is into holistic healing or into a new age life. You are not exactly sure what to get them, but you know that they would appreciate the thought that you were paying attention to their interests.

Some people who follow a more spiritually-guided, metaphysical approach to life may be into yoga and meditation. Others may love energy work, delving into chakras, auras, and reiki therapy. 

Just as there are many types of people, there are many types of avenues of fulfillment in the new age world. Some people love astrology, tarot and plunging into oracles, crystals, and divination. Others may love the connectedness to nature, relaxation, massage, essential oils, incense, and candles.

No matter the person, no matter the budget; the new age realm offers plenty of gift options for novices and professionals. For example, there are jigsaw puzzles for the spiritually minded, healing and inspirational calendars, tarot card decks, and other common household items, like air purifiers or calming water features and fountains that can make any home feel inviting and full of zen.

Before You Buy

Gift Wrapped in Brown Paper
Gift Wrapped in Brown Paper. Justin Bailie / Getty Images

Before you buy a thing, think about the person. You may not understand the new age world, but you can gather a few things about the person. Does your special someone like to wear jewelry? Does the person often wear a scent or fragrance when you see them? 

What is one thing in their new age life that you hear them repeat with some frequency? Like a keyword, is it astrology, energy, or relaxation? These keywords are your guide to the type of new age interest your special someone has.

Take a look at some of the suggestions below. Each offers some advice and shopping tips on how to go about choosing gifts for your spiritually minded friends and family members.

New Age Shopping on a Budget

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Budgeting during the holidays or anytime is a healthy way to handle your finances. There are plenty of options on how to stay within a budget and not break the bank with these gift suggestions.

Self-Care Holistic Products

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Self-care is important for your overall health, and frankly, for anyone. You can shop for pampering and preventative self-care products. Consider a homeopathic gift set that includes cold and flu remedies, essential oils with healing properties, or make a holistic health kit.

Or, perhaps your special someone likes to keep on top of the latest new age trends, consider a spiritual wellness magazine subscription.

If money is no object or you plan to splurge a little more on your new age aficionado, take a look at a private session with a holistic health practitioner who can give a reiki, massage or acupuncture session, align chakras, clean auras, draft extensive birth charts, or do tarot card readings.

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