Who is My Higher Self?

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HIgher Self
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Your higher self is not an entity separate from you, it is very much a part of you. When people speak about their higher selves they are referring to the knowing or awakened aspects of themselves. It is through your higher self that deepest truths and hidden knowledge is accessed.

Higher self is sometimes used as a universal term by individuals who feel strongly connected to spirit. Having been a seeker of spiritual truths for what seems like eons I sometimes will forget about newbies who are just beginning their search. As a result, I will throw out terminology that is mainstream for "old seekers" like myself that may be foreign to new seekers. Higher Self is one of those terms.

Note: Check out my healing dictionary to explore more spiritual and holistic healing terms.

Have You Met Your Higher Self?

When you ask for help or guidance from your higher self, you are truly taking a giant Self-Help step. It is your connection to your unconscious. The higher self is the part of you that has not been wounded by judgements or prejudices. It does not view life through murky-colored filters tainted by past experiences (pain, rejection, abandonment, etc.). Nor is it a reflection of your wishes or expectations, although your higher self can assist you by clearing a pathway so you can attain your dreams faster or more easily. The higher self is YOU, the best part of you, it is yourself at the purest level.

Your higher self is worth getting to know and spending quality time with. What is great about your higher self is that it truly is your BFF. She (or he) will never abandon you, choosing to hang out with someone else. Nor will your higher self ever act "uppity" or "all-powerful," although in my opinion it has that right because of the knowledge and awareness it possesses. Know-it-all actions are ego-centric. Lucky for us the higher self does not have an ego. It is a loving and knowing aspect of your spiritual being. It is an inward source to turn to whenever you need information, whenever you need solace, and whenever you need love.

Finding Your Personal Truth

Seekers almost always will begin their spiritual trek outside of themselves by reading books, doing Internet searches, taking classes, seeking out gurus, etc. Wonderful that we have so many sources to turn to. But, whenever we turn to outward sources just know that you are going to get a flavor of other people's truths-- it may taste sweet, bitter, tangy, or something else. It is my understanding that everyone has a piece of truth to share, but does someone else's truth fit for you? Perhaps, maybe a sliver, a big chunk, and sometimes not at all. Some people's truths are in extreme opposite to my truth. This doesn't make it a non-truth--it is true for them. I will innately recognize a truth that is a lie for me. How? My inner self clues me in. This is how my relationship with my inner self works. She speaks up fairly loudly when she disagrees with something. She also perks up when a grain of truth is learned. Also, the higher self can help shed any truths once held that no longer benefit us. Spiritual growth is often about shedding old beliefs that no longer hold water.

You may wonder why your higher self allowed you to be led down a shady path of non-truths. Here's the deal... knowing something, really knowing something is often learned through mishap experiences. Taking a wrong turn and taking a different paths for a while can be eye-opening. Sometimes we only find out what we really want by having things that end up having no value to us.. The higher self understands this and will "chill out" while you are figuring things out on your own. My higher self is very caring and patient in this way.

After a few of trial-and-error experiences you may become weary of trying new things. Understandable. Taking a break can be healing, but just be warned that if you linger too long in one place along your spiritual journey you are going to feel "stuck" --- aha. We all know this feeling of being at a crossroads or stuck in a rut, right? Our fears hold us back, or the unknowing will block us. This is when we really will want to develop a stronger relationship with our higher selves to help us move forward in the right direction. Which way? Your higher self knows, just ask.

Connecting with Your Higher Self

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