Hebrew Names for Girls (R-Z)

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Naming a new baby can be an exciting—if somewhat daunting—task. Below are examples of Hebrew names for girls beginning with the letters R through Z in English. The Hebrew meaning for each name is listed along with information about any biblical characters with that name. Part four of a four-part series:

R Names

Raanana - Raanana means "fresh, luscious, beautiful."

Rachel - Rachel was Jacob's wife in the Bible. Rachel means "ewe," a symbol of purity.

Rani - Rani means "my song."

Ranit - Ranit means "song, joy."

Ranya, Rania - Ranya, Rania means "song of God."

Ravital, Revital - Ravital, Revital means "abundance of dew."

Raziel, Raziela - Raziel, Raziela means "my secret is God."

Refaela - >Refaela means "God has healed."

Renana - Renana means "joy" or "song."

Reut - Reut means "friendship."

Reuvena - Reuvena is a feminine form of Reuven.

Reviv, Reviva - Reviv, Reviva means "dew" or "rain."

Rina, Rinat - Rina, Rinat means "joy."

Rivka (Rebecca, Rebekah) - Rivka (Rebekah/Rebecca) was Isaac's wife in the Bible. Rivka means "to tie, bind."

Roma, Romema - Roma, Romema means "heights, lofty, exalted."

Roniya, Roniel - Roniya, Roniel means "joy of God."

Rotem - Rotem is a common plant in southern Israel.

Rut (Ruth) - Rut (Ruth) was a righteous convert in the Bible.

S Names

Sapir, Sapira, Sapirit - Sapir, Sapira, Sapirit means "sapphire."

Sara, Sarah - Sarah was Abraham's wife in the Bible. Sara means "noble, princess."

Sarai - Sarai was the original name for Sarah in the Bible.

Sarida - Sarida means "refugee, leftover."

Shai - Shai means "gift."

Shaked - Shaked means "almond."

Shalva - Shalva means "tranquility."

Shamira - Shamira means "guard, protector."

Shani - Shani means "scarlet color."

Shaula - Shaula is the feminine form of Shaul (Saul). Saul was a king of Israel.

Sheliya - Sheliya means "God is mine" or "mine is God's."

Shifra - Shifra was the midwife in the Bible who disobeyed Pharoah's orders to kill Jewish babies.

Shirel - Shirel means "song of God."

Shirli - Shirli means "I have song."

Shlomit - Shlomit means "peaceful."

Shoshana - Shoshana means "rose."

Sivan - Sivan is the name of a Hebrew month.

T Names

Tal, Tali - Tal, Tali means "dew."

Talia - Talia means "dew from God."

Talma, Talmit - Talma, Talmit means "mound, hill."

Talmor - Talmor means "heaped" or "sprinkled with myrrh, perfumed."

Tamar - Tamar was the daughter of King David in the Bible. Tamar means "palm tree."

Techiya - Techiya means "life, revival."

Tehila - Tehila means "praise, song of praise."

Tehora - Tehora means "pure clean."

Temima - Temima means "whole, honest."

Teruma - Teruma means "offering, gift."

Teshura - Teshura means "gift."

Tifara, Tiferet - Tifara, Tiferet means "beauty" or "glory."

Tikva - Tikva means "hope."

Timna - Timna is a place in southern Israel.

Tirtza - Tirtza means "agreeable."

Tirza - Tirza means "cypress tree."

Tiva - Tiva means "good."

Tzipora - Tzipora was the wife of Moses in the Bible. Tzipora means "bird."

Tzofiya - Tzofiya means "watcher, guardian, scout."

Tzviya - Tzviya means "deer, gazelle."

Y Names

Yaakova - Yaakova is the feminine form of Yaacov (Jacob). Jacob was Isaac's son in the Bible. Yaacov means to "supplant" or "protect."

Yael - Yael (Jael) was a heroine in the Bible. Yael means "to ascend" and "mountain goat."

Yaffa, Yafit - Yaffa, Yafit means "beautiful."

Yakira - Yakira means "valuable, precious."

Yam, Yama, Yamit - Yam, Yama, Yamit means "sea."

Yardena (Jordana) - Yardena (Jordena, Jordana) means "to flow down, descend." Nahar Yarden is the Jordan River.

Yarona - Yarona means "sing."

Yechiela - Yechiela means "may God live."

Yehudit (Judith) - Yehudit (Judith) was a heroine in the deuterocanonical Book of Judith.

Yeira - Yeira means "light."

Yemima - Yemima means "dove."

Yemina - Yemina (Jemina) means "right hand" and signifies strength.

Yisraela - Yisraela is the feminine form of Yisrael (Israel).

Yitra - Yitra (Jethra) is the feminine form of Yitro (Jethro). Yitra means "wealth, riches."

Yocheved - Yocheved was the mother of Moses in the Bible. Yocheved means "glory of God."

Z Names

Zahara, Zehari, Zeharit - Zahara, Zehari, Zeharit means "to shine, brightness."

Zahava, Zahavit - Zahava, Zahavit means "gold."

Zemira - Zemira means "song, melody."

Zimra - Zimra means "song of praise."

Ziva, Zivit - Ziva, Zivit means "splendor."

Zohar - Zohar means "light, brilliance."


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