Hebrew Names for Girls (G-K)

Hebrew Names for Baby Girls with Their Meanings

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Naming a new baby can be an exciting (if somewhat daunting) task. Below are examples of Hebrew girls names beginning with the letters G through K in English. The Hebrew meaning for each name is listed along with information about any biblical characters with that name.

Note that the letter “F” has not been included in this series since few if any, Hebrew girls names begin with that letter when transliterated into English.

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G Names

Gavriella (Gabriella) - Gavriella (Gabriella) means "God is my strength."
Gal -
Gal means "wave."
Galya -
Galya means "wave of God."
Gamliela -
Gamliela is the feminine form of Gamliel. Gamliel means "God is my reward."
Ganit -
Ganit means "garden."
Ganya -
Ganya means "garden of God." (Gan means “garden” as "Garden of Eden" or "Gan Eden")
Gayora - Gayora means "valley of light."
Gefen -
Gefen means "vine."
Gershona -
Gershona is the feminine form of Gershon. Gershon was the son of Levi in the Bible.
Geula -
Geula means "redemption."
Gevira -
Gevira means "lady" or "queen."
Gibora -
Gibora means "strong, heroine."
Gila -
Gila means "joy."
Gilada -
Gilada means "(the) hill is (my) witness" also means "joy forever."
Gili -
Gili means "my joy."
Ginat -
Ginat means "garden."
Gitit -
Gitit means "wine press."
Giva -
Giva means "hill, high place."

H Names

Hadar, Hadara, Hadarit - Hadar, Hadara, Hadarit means "splendid, ornamented, beautiful."
Hadas, Hadasa -
Hadas, Hadasa was the Hebrew name of Esther, the heroine of the Purim story. Hadas means "myrtle."
Hallel, Hallela -
Hallel, Hallela means "praise."
Hannah -
Hannah was the mother of Samuel in the Bible. Hannah means "grace, gracious, merciful."
Harela -
Harela means "mountain of God."
Hedya -
Hedya means "echo (voice) of God."
Hertzela, Hertzelia -
Hertzela, Hertzelia is the feminine form of Hertzel.
Hila -
Hila means "praise."
Hillela -
Hillela is the feminine form of Hillel. Hillel means "praise."
Hodiya -
Hodiya means "praise God."

I Names

Idit - Idit means "choicest."
Ilana, Ilanit -
Ilana, Ilanit means "tree."
Irit -
Irit means "daffodil."
Itiya -
Itiya means "God is with me."

J Names

* Note: The English letter J is often used to transliterate the Hebrew letter “yud,” which sounds like the English letter Y.

Yaakova (Jacoba)- Yaakova (Jacoba) is the feminine form of Yaacov (Jacob). Yaacov (Jacob) was Isaac's son in the Bible. Yaacov means "supplant" or "protect."
Yael (Jael) -
Yael (Jael) was a heroine in the Bible. Yael means "to ascend" and "mountain goat."
Yaffa (Jaffa) -
Yaffa (Jaffa) means "beautiful."
Yasmina (Jasmina), Yasmine (Jasmin)-
Yasmina (Jasmina), Yasmine (Jasmin) is a Persian name for a flower in the olive family.
Yedida (Jedida) -
Yedida (Jedida) means "friend."
Yemima (Jemima)-
Yemima (Jemima) means "dove."
Yitra (Jethra) -
Yitra (Jethra) is the feminine form of Yitro (Jethro). Yitra means "wealth, riches."
Yemina (Jemina) -
Yemina (Jemina) means "right hand" and signifies strength.
Yoana (Joana, Joanna) -
Yoana (Joana, Joanna) means "God has answered."
Yardena (Jordena, Jordana) -
Yardena (Jordena, Jordana) means "to flow down, descend." Nahar Yarden is the Jordan River.
Yochana (Johanna) -
Yochana (Johanna) means "God is gracious."
Yoela (Joela) -
Yoela (Joela) is the feminine form of Yoel (Joel). Yoela means "God is willing."
13. Yehudit (Judith) -
Yehudit (Judith) is a heroine whose story is recounted in the apocryphal Book of Judith. Yehudit means "praise."

K Names

Kalanit - Kalanit means "flower."
Kaspit -
Kaspit means "silver."
Kefira -
Kefira means "young lioness."
Kelila -
Kelila means "crown" or "laurels."
Kerem -
Kerem means "vineyard."
Keren -
Keren means "horn, ray (of sun)."
Keshet -
Keshet means "bow, rainbow."
Kevuda -
Kevuda means "precious" or "respected."
Kinneret -
Kinneret means "Sea of Galilee, Lake of Tiberias."
Kochava -
Kochava means "star."
Kitra, Kitrit -
Kitra, Kitrit means "crown" (Aramaic).

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