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Healing Tattoos

Pictures of Healing Tattoos
Pictures of Healing Tattoos. Canva Collage

People will often choose a tattoo to commemorate an event, memorialize a loved one, celebrate overcoming a challenge, as recognition of an important goal met. Tattoos in recent years have become much more mainstream, artistic ink doesn't just adorn the bodies of the incarcerated, sailors, and punk rockers. In this gallery of tattoos, readers share photos of their tattoos and why they represent healing for them.

Do you have a tattoo adorning your body that represents healing or symbolizes a personal path you've taken which has healed you emotionally, spiritually, or otherwise? If you would like your tattoo to be considered included in this gallery please private message me in Facebook with photo attachment and story.

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Love is the Key

Love is the Key. Debby Kirby

Chinese Watercolorist, Debby Kirby, lives by the mantra LOVE IS THE KEY and had these words tattooed to her painting arm. 

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Peace Dove

Peace Dove Tattoo
Peace Dove Tattoo. © thislittlemiss1

The ballad of a dove, Go with Peace and Love

thislittlemiss says: 

My tattoo is in memory of my best friend (more my soul sister) who I had been best friends with for 33 years and she passed away last year of lung cancer at the age of 39.

Why My Tattoo is Healing to Me 

I chose the song "If I Die Young" for her service because it was fitting in so many ways. (hence the lyric) and the dove because I was able to hold and launch a dove at her service as well. (I plan on adding a little bit more on the sides of the dove, soon.)

Not only will I never forget her but when I look at my arm, it's as if she is with me. (if that makes sense?)


Make sure it is something you really want and research your artists before you get it done.

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Spiritual Eye

Chadd Gostas says: Aum is the voice of the divine mother. It symbolizes what I aspire to and wish to achieve. It reminds me of what is to come. The second tattoo represents the spiritual eye, with a white star in a sea of blue with yellow aura.

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Feathers Native American Style

Ankle Feathers
Ankle Feathers. © Keana

Keana chose Native American style feathers as a tattoo.

Keana says:

My tattoo is in direct regards with my spirit guide type figure in my life. It's on my left outside ankle, it is a feather with ties and beads on it. Think Native American style.

Why My Tattoo is Healing to Me 

This tattoo reminds me that no matter what I face I'm never alone and will make it through the issues that end up being mere road bumps in my life. All I have to do is look at it or remember that it is permanently there and I am okay.


If anyone is considering getting a tattoo, I recommend that they have the image in their mind first or at least have a picture they can closely associate themselves with. Imagine yourself as a 60 year old, and wonder if it will still have the same meaning as it did when you got it permanently inked on your body.

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God Rising from Lotus

God Rising from Lotus
God Rising from Lotus. © Pam Kale

Pam Kale says:

It is how I feel doing Reiki, that's who I feel helps me, my higher helper. All that is pure love!

Why My Tattoo is Healing to Me 

God's name raising from the lotus flower, which represents love and harmony. Ever since I found Reiki it has change my life for the better, so I wanted something show how I felt, and this name and symbol was just what I could see I needed.


  • Make sure you get a licensed place and really do your research on the design because it hurts more getting it off than on
  • Once you find the design remember some employers will not let you work showing your tattoos. So, be sure put them some place on your body where you can hide them if need be.
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Om Butterfly Tattoo

Om Butterfly
Om Butterfly. © wyldefire81

wyldefire81 designed this butterfly and om tattoo herself

wyldefire81 says:

My tattoo is what I call an OM Butterfly, it is an OM symbol with butterfly wings. It's on my right wrist.

Why My Tattoo is Healing to Me 

I chose to design and get this tattoo to remind me as I went through my journey of self that I was changing, more or less a rebirth of myself. To show my spirituality and to calm my spirit when needed.


When getting a tattoo, healing or not, always make sure you think on it and it is something you really want so you don't regret it, always make it mean something to you.

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Om Tattoo

Om Tattoo
Om Tattoo.

Govind Raju says: 

I was very depressed in life because I lost my job. Due to that my health was affected, whole of my life went into a drain. Then one day I read an article in a newspaper saying a tattoo artist in the city is doing free Om tattoos every Tuesday. It was interesting to check out how come someone is giving away permanent tattoos for free. At first I thought that it might be dangerous then went and checked out he was a professional tattoo artist. He was a Hindu Brahmin Priest who became a tattoo artist. I told him about myself and he gave me appointment after 2 weeks because he was booked. At last I got an Om tattoo done, and my life changed.

Why My Tattoo is Healing to Me 

The Om tattoo I got is very healing because according to Hindu mythology it acts as a protection from negative energy. My life changed so much that I stopped drinking and smoking and have been a vegetarian for past 1 year. I got a good job in a multinational company. This artist knows a lot about spiritual tattooing like yantra, and how to remove it and cleanse the body and the soul. He says only a tattoo will travel along with the soul after death, nothing else does. It all happend in Bramha Tattoo Studio, Bangalore City, Karnataka, India


Get a tattoo done by a tattoo artist who is spiritually inclined so you get good energy.

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Pentacle Tattoo with Rune Symbols

Pentacle with Rune Symbols
Pentacle with Rune Symbols. © Ravon

Ravon says: 

I chose rune symbols for my tattoo. One means Breakthrough/Transformation I overcame a horrible time in my life. For some the transition is so radical that they no longer live the ordinary life in the ordinary way. I changed my life situation completely but still stayed true to who I really was. Wholeness/Life Force, the impulse through self realization and shows you the path you must follow. I found my dream job, my dream man, and my full sense of what spirituality is making me able to love myself again. Joy/Light I can truly receive blessings whether they be material or emotional or in a heightened sense of my own well-being.

Why My Tattoo is Healing to Me 

My tattoo reminds me of where I came from and how powerful I can be if I put myself into something that is worth doing. It shows me that I can heal myself and help heal others in my daily life. And taught me that nothing ever stays the same, but it can always be good.

I put the sun in it because it has healing powers and a heart because love is at the center of all healing.


  • Make sure you want a tattoo on your body forever.
  • Pick something that means something to you and not for others.
  • Reflect on your tattoo once in a while after you get it.
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Shantipat Tattoo

Shantipat - Yoga Tattoo. (c) Angie, Guest

Angie says: 

A Shantipat - this one being a blessing between a Yoga teacher and student. I had this tattoo done when I completed my Yoga Instructor training.

I designed the tribal flourish myself using a pattern which I tweaked (the design is slightly masculine to balance the feminine) then added the Moon symbol (the left-hand side being the feminine energy).The text is in the ancient Sanskrit (or Hindi)

saha nävavatu
saha nau bhunaktu
saha viryam karavävahai
tejasvi nävadhitamastu
mä vidvisävahai
ohm säntih säntih säntih

Why My Tattoo is Healing to Me 

I chose this Santipat because when I read it out loud it resonated, even now when I use it as a Mantra it feels very powerful. It's a beautiful intention. I use the Mantra when teaching too.

It translates as:

May both of us together be protected.
May both of us together be nourished.
May we work together with great energy.
May our study together be brilliant and effective.
May we not hate or dispute with each other.
Ohm, Peace, Peace, Peace.


  • I would suggest listening to what your heart tells you.
  • You will know when the right tattoo comes along.
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Triquetra Tattoo

Triquetra Tattoo
Triquetra Tattoo.

Angie says:

This is a stylised celtic Triquetra. The tattoo artist suggested that instead of the usual black/shaded effect, a henna coloured design may be more effective and also would be less in your face. I had this design in mind for a few months, but only got it done when I knew the time was right.

Why My Tattoo is Healing to Me 

The Triquetra represents Trinity (Earth, Fire, Water/Mind, Body, Spirit etc). I had planned to have this design some months previously, but after the death of my Mum I decided that it was the right time to get this one done as her death brought about a huge turn around in my spiritual journey. This tattoo is a symbol representing my beliefs as a being that everything is connected.