Spiritual and Healing Properties of Yellow Jasper

Healing with crystals and gemstones

Yellow Jasper Healing Stone
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Jasper, in general, is a protective stone. A traveler would be wise to choose a yellow jasper as a hitchhiker, its protective properties are likely to assure safe traveling conditions. Yellow Jasper can also be used to assist astral travel.

Yellow jasper's energies are compatible with the healing properties of the sun. This healing stone can also be used to tap into knowledge stored in the instinctual gut (solar plexus) chakra. Yellow Jasper can also help to repair damage to the auric field in the lower extremities of the physical body.

Remedy Benefits of Yellow Jasper

  • Uplifts moods
  • Assists astral travel
  • Auric healer
  • Protective energy

Suggested Ways to Use Yellow Jasper for Healing

The yellow jasper carries the sun's rays and holds a masculine energy. It is a softer side, if you will, of the male energy. The yellow also can be used to assist and protect you during times that you travel, this can mean both the physical or spiritual means of traveling. It is a stone of protection and shields you from negativity. It is good for warding away depression. ~stones77<

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