Spiritual and Healing Properties of Jade

Jade Gemstones

Jade is a wonderful balancing stone. It is considered to be a lucky stone that offers good health, wealth, and love. Jade can help you realize your full potential and attain purposeful goals. Jade also helps lift stuffed-down emotional issues and bring them to light for resolution. Jade can be used as a dream-enhancer by slipping a chunk of it under your pillow or inside your pillowcase while sleeping. Keep a small chunk of jade inside a box or bowl where you empty your pockets into at the end of the day. Mingling jade with coins attracts more abundance.

Remedy Benefits of Jade

Crystal Healers Suggest Ways to Use Jade for Healing

  • Wearing jade can make you balance everything. Jade is a confidence booster and makes you spiritual. No wonder it is called "Stone from Heaven." - David777
  • Green Jade is not only calming and healing to the nervous system, but it also emits healing energy into the liver, bladder, gallbladder, and kidneys. It also helps those who are herbalists to tap into the vibrations of healing plants and herbs more profoundly and to thus intuitively know their properties. Further, Green Jade strengthens the "Chi", or "life force", for regeneration of the cells. - Dr. Schavi M. Ali​
  • Jade in a way, made my depression go away. Jadeite. It made me feel better! At first, I was down, but after buying the jade and wearing it, it made me feel happy and just glancing at it under the lights to see the translucent stone felt just like a blessing from Heaven. My Lord and Saviour, Jesus Precious Creation which I feel It was created for us by Him the Almighty. I will call it, The Stone Of Heaven, which blesses people it touches. One of God's most precious creations. - Handsome Boy
  • My mother brought me a jade necklace from China and I wear it every day now. Whenever I hold it in my hand I feel calmer and better then I did before. I'm not really into karma and healing stones and all that but I love my jade. Its sweet pale-green makes me feel better just to look at it. - Ella
  • Ever since I got a necklace with real jade and gold I have been calmer. Because today I was all worried about things and when I held it in my hand I felt 100 times calmer and when I let go; all my worries came back. Jade is my new favorite stone to wear. It keeps me nice and calm and I love it. I wish all my necklaces had jade in them for that reason. - kay kay
  • I didn't know about jade when I bought a necklace of it and when I first wore it I felt very peaceful and calm. It took me a few times to realize I was peaceful every time I wore it so I looked up the properties of jade and was surprised at what I found. I wear it all the time now. - Lesley
  • Jade seems to have a healing effect on my heart, restoring my confidence, courage, and trust, helping me let people in. I'm also thinking clearly and with an amazing peace. I'm more ambitious and feel deserving and able to take on a lot of really scary changes. Jade is said to bring on abundance and it seems to be helping me. Normally with these changes, I'd go full speed ahead and then burn out later but I've slowed down. I almost want to honor and savor my every minute. And I'm not overwhelmed, it's helping me taking everything in stride. Love it! - canadianchick
  • I carry a jade stone in my bag because I've always been attracted to its soft color and for protection. I live in Johannesburg which is a very busy and violent city and have been advised by a feng shui master that jade could be a form of protection. - Marielise
  • I have other stones that I rotate, but now I am wearing Jade. It makes me feel really peaceful and banishes negative thoughts. - yogachick123
  • Jade is a good rock for parents to carry as it helps to calm one down even when many kids are running through the house. It helps you to accept things that are difficult in your life and makes things appear to go much smoother than they really are. It keeps you from disconnecting from your inner peace as quickly in bad situations than you would if you did not have it. - Whitehorse woman
  • Jade is a stone that helps you to realize the needs of others. It is also good for helping you to understand what is of prime importance for you to do on this day. It brings confidence and self-assuredness, self-sufficiency and to be self-reliant. An elixir made with jade is good for smoothing the skin. It works best with a water cleansing. - stones77

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