Amber as a Healing Tool

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Amber

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Although amber is classified among healing crystals and gemstones, it is not, in fact, an actual gemstone. It is actually a fossilized resin. The hardening process happens over a course of millions of years. If you own a chunk of amber its age ranges between 30 to 90 million years old.

Amber Is Not Hardened Tree Sap

If you think that amber is a form of hardened tree sap, you are mistaken. Both resin and sap are liquid substances originating from plants and trees. Consider this, tree sap is raw food product ( i.e. maple syrup), whereas resin is a non-food product). Sap consists of water and sugar, whereas resin is a stickier substance that is used in creating lacquer, varnishes, perfumes, and more.

Healing With Fossilized Amber Resin

Amber can be carried or worn as a healing amulet. It can also be used as a crystal elixir. Amber is best worn directly on the skin. Direct contact will allow your skin to naturally absorb the oils of the amber resin, which is said to transmute negative energies into positive energies.

If your amber amulet houses a trapped insect, it could have a spiritual lesson for you. Check out an insect totem gallery to read up on bees, spiders, ants, mosquitos, beetles, and other insects.

Basic Remedy Benefits of Amber

  • Transformative energy
  • Eases painful teething in babies (see below)
  • Facilitates crown chakra opening
  • Balances mind-body-spirit
  • Purifying stone for the birthing process

The Many Colors of Amber

Common colors of amber range from pale yellows to dark browns. There are also green, red, blackish, and blue forms of amber.

Black Amber Protects against
psychic vampires and
psychic attacks. Possesses
grounding energy.
Red Amber Can be used as an amulet in fertility rituals. Also stimulates sexual desires and prompts orgasm
Golden Amber Offers peace. Promotes self-love and acceptance. Healing tool for repairing damages to the
auric field, karmic release, and emotional healing
Green Amber Motivator stone that can help guide you along your life path. Helps to dissolve any blocks that are hindering your
spiritual growth. Grounding and purifying.
Honey Amber Adds sweetness to your life. Helps give clarity in your life pursuits. Aids the
letting go process, allowing spirit to step in and help smooth away the rough patches. Knowing stone.
Healing Properties of Amber by Color

Baltic Amber: Natural Teething Relief for Babies

Beaded baltic amber necklaces are worn around babies' necks to give natural pain relief from teething symptoms. The intent is for the oils from the fossilized tree resin to penetrate the skin and create a calming effect.

Use Safety Precautions

Here's the deal, these necklaces are not your typical teething necklaces. Babies are not to be left unattended with "choking hazard" pieces of amber. Parents should not allow their babies to put the amber beads into their mouths. Pieces of Baltic amber are knotted individually in case the necklace gets yanked on and breaks so there is not a scattering of beads to worry about.

Consumers are warned not to leave the necklaces on the babies while they are sleeping or other times when they are left unattended. Alternatively, some people suggest wrapping beaded amber around the child's ankle with the foot and leg safely tucked inside a zippered sleeper out of harm's way during naps or bedtime.

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