Hawk Nelson – Biography

Hawk Nelson 2015
(L-R) Jon Steingard, David Niacaris, Daniel Biro and Micah Kuiper of Hawk Nelson at the 3rd Annual KLOVE Fan Awards in Nashville. Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

Hawk Nelson Formed

Hawk Nelson formed in 2003 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Hawk Nelson Members

Jonathon Steingard - lead vocals/guitar
Daniel Biro - bass
Micah Kuiper - guitar
David Niacaris - drums

Former Members

  • Jason Dunn (lead vocals/keys) left the band on May 15, 2012
  • Drummer Aaron Tosti (aka Squwid) left the band in early 2008
  • Justin Benner - drums
  • David "Davin" Clark
  • Matt "Matty" Paige
  • Gideon Courtney

Hawk Nelson Bio:

Originally from a mid-sized suburb of Ontario, Canada, power pop/punk foursome, Hawk Nelson started out calling itself "diehard believers in the transformative power of dreams, planning a course in musical expression underwritten by Biblical rooting at a young age and following through with vivaciousness each inch of the way."

As lifelong fans of pop/punk music, the guys knew the steps it took to make a band and invested every ounce of energy into Hawk Nelson. "We defined our sound, cut an indie disc and started getting it in the hands of people," explains Jason. "We toured all around Toronto- from youth groups to colleges to arcades- and sought to get kids into it."

After growing up listening to bands like TFK, MXPX and Slick Shoes, their contract with Tooth and Nail Records was the fulfillment of a huge dream. After four years and some growing, they're still dreaming, but in a more rock way. Influences of Goldfinger, The All-American Rejects, Sum 41 and Green Day can now be heard in their music.

Life After Jason Dunn:

On February 1, 2012, Jason Dunn announced that he was leaving the band to start a solo career. Many wondered if that would mark the end of the Hawk Nelson era. They didn't need to worry as Jonathon Steingard stepped up to the mic to take over the lead singer duties and showed out on Made

Hawk Nelson Discography:

  • Diamonds, 2015
  • Made, 2013
  • Crazy Love, 2011
  • Live Life Loud, 2009 
  • Hawk Nelson Is My Friend, 2008 
  • Smile, It's The End Of The World, 2006 
  • Letters To The President, 2005 (enhanced with bonus tracks and videos) 
  • Letters To The President, 2004 
  • Saturday Rock Action, 2003 (released prior to being signed)

Hawk Nelson Starter Songs:

  • "My Next Breath" 
  • "Long Ago" 
  • "The Meaning Of Life" 
  • "14" 
  • "Alive"

Hawk Nelson Links:

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