How Guardian Angels Help You While You Sleep

Watching Over You While You're Sleeping and Dreaming

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Angels never get tired, since they don't have physical bodies with limited energy like people do. So angels don't need to sleep. That means that guardian angels are free to keep working even when the people they're caring for are sleeping and dreaming.

Every time you go to sleep, you can rest with confidence that the guardian angels God has assigned to watch over you are alert and ready to help you during your slumber.

Angels Helping You Get the Sleep You Need

If you're dealing with insomnia, guardian angels can help you give your body the sleep it needs, some believers say. Doreen Virtue writes in her book, "Healing with the Angels" that, "the angels will help us sleep well if we ask for, and follow, their guidance. By doing so, we awaken refreshed and energized."

Helping You Release Negative Emotions

Your guardian angels may help you relax by assisting you with the process of letting go of negative emotions that can damage your health if you hold onto them. In her book, "Angel Inspiration: Together, Humans and Angels Have the Power to Change the World," Diana Cooper writes: "Angels are particularly helping when you are asleep at night. We all hold anger, fear, guilt, jealousy, hurt, and other damaging emotions. You can always ask your guardian angel to help you release emotional blockages during sleep before they inevitably build up into physical problems."

Protecting You From Evil

Guardian angels are best known for their work guarding people from danger, and guardian angels do focus on protecting you from evil while you're asleep, say some believers. The spiritual protection that guardian angels give you is the best protection you could ever hope to receive, writes Max Lucado in his book "Come Thirsty: No Heart Too Dry for His Touch."

Escorting Your Soul Out of Your Body

Angels may also help us leave our bodies during sleep and escort us to various places in the spiritual realm to learn something new through a practice called astral travel or soul traveling. Virtue writes in "Healing with the Angels," "Very often, our angels escort us to other-worldly places where we attend school and learn deep spiritual lessons. Other times, we may actually be involved in teaching others during these experiences of soul-traveling."

The sleep state is the ideal time for such spiritual lessons to occur, writes Yvonne Seymour in her book "The Secret World of Guardian Angels." She notes we spend one-third of our lives in sleep and we are more open and receptive in sleep. "Your guardian angel works on the ethereal plane, and writes your daily life scenes, and records of action for the physical plane. He also writes your ethereal dream scenes and records your actions and reactions. Tests are written and given to help you work through problems, and advance your spiritual development."

But the key to taking part in soul traveling is having the right attitudes in your mind, writes Rudolf Steiner in his book "Guardian Angels: Connecting With Our Spiritual Guides and Helpers," "When children go to sleep, their angel goes with them, but when a person has reached a certain maturity, it actually depends on his attitude, on whether or not he has an inner relation to his angel. And if this relationship is not there, and he only has faith in material things, and his thoughts are entirely about the material world, his angel will not go with him."

Answering Your Prayers

While you sleep, guardian angels are also at work helping to answer your prayers, believers say. So it's a good idea to go to sleep in the process of praying, writes Kimberly Marooney in her book "Your Guardian Angel in a Box Kit: Heavenly Protection, Love and Guidance," "Each night before sleep, create a short and specific prayer asking for what you need. Ask for help with life circumstances, information about something, or a request for a deeper union with God. As you go to sleep, focus your attention on your prayer in an open and receptive state. Repeat it over and over until you are asleep."

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