7 Great Gifts for Mom

Trying to find a gift for mom? Whether it is Mother's Day, her birthday or you are looking for a "just because" gift for your mom, sorting through every option can be confusing for many Christian teens.  Most moms don't really care about the gift that much.  In this case, it's the idea that their child would think so much of them to do something.  Here are some great ideas to help you narrow your focus when you are trying to find a gift for mom:

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A "Mom" Bible

Just like Christian teens should read their Bibles, moms need their Bibles, too, and there are a number of women's bibles available that can both inspire your mom while helping her grow in her faith. Consider the Mom's Devotional Bible that allows her to do a regular devotional while also reading her Bible. Or it may just mean more to get her the Bible she's been wanting. Maybe even inscribe it with a meaningful message or slip notes in the important pages so she catches messages from you when she's reading.

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A "Mom" Devotional

If your mom already has a favorite Bible, why not consider a devotional instead? Get her something inspiring and uplifting to get her through the year. The Busy Mom's Devotional offers moms short, but useful, devotions that only take up about 10 minutes a week.  However, you can find a ton of mom-based devotionals in almost any bookstore so you can pick the one that will speak to her best.

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Personalized Frames

Moms love to get something meaningful, and a personalized frame allows her to know how much you care. You can find metal engraved frames, handpainted frames, or even craft frames that you make yourself. Oh, and don't forget to get a picture of you both to put inside to make it really meaningful.

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The Fruit Bouquet

If you are a traditionalist, a nice gift for mom is a simple bouquet of flowers. However, if you want to get her something a little different you could opt for a beautiful plant or orchid - something she could keep for more than a few weeks.  Or build her a bouquet of her favorite foods or candy.

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Pamper Mom Set

Every mom deserves a little relaxation time and pampering once in a while. Why not consider a gift for mom that involves some bath and pampering products like a pampering gift set? Or you can even splurge and get her a certificate for services at a local spa.  It might even be more fun for her if you both do something pampering together.

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Mom T-shirts

If you have a mom that loves to wear t-shirts, getting her a shirt embossed with an inspiring or funny "mom" message can be a lot of fun. You can create and order your own from some sites or even order one that's already made.  There are plenty of t-shirt vendors online, and many of them have inspiring messages from mom-based Bible verses to funny captions.

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Give of Yourself

Not every gift for your mom needs to be store-bought.  Sometimes the best gift is in actions.  So maybe write your mom a poem.  Do the grocery shopping for her.  Clean the house.  Give her coupons for different chores that she can redeem throughout the year.  Take her somewhere where you can just hang out together for a while and build your relationship. Sometimes those are the best gifts of all.