GoBible - Electronic Audio Bible Review

An Audio Bible with Unique Capabilities

The Original GoBible
The Original GoBible. Image Courtesy: © GoBible

The GoBible is a portable audio-only device containing the full Bible text. It's similar to an MP3 player, except there's no downloading of files or software and no PC interaction. The GoBible comes preloaded with either the King James Version, the New King James Version or the New International Version of the Bible.

Since I already had the NIV Audio Bible from Zondervan on my MP3 player, I wasn't sure what more to expect from the GoBible. But I have to tell you, I am impressed with some of its unique capabilities—a few things I've never seen before in an audio Bible. My absolute favorite features are the GoBible's "Hear in a Year" program and the "Bible Story Index."


  • The GoBible is indexed and searchable by book, chapter, and verse! I've never seen this before.
  • The device is easy to operate, very similar to an MP3 player.
  • It contains a wonderful Bible "Hear in a Year" plan.
  • The "Bible Story Index" has more than 200 popular stories.
  • The "Topic Index" compiles Scriptures for nearly 30 topics.
  • The "Bookmark" feature allows up to 24 bookmarks.
  • The narrator's voice has good tonal quality and proper pronunciation of Greek and Hebrew names.
  • The GoBible comes with everything you need to get started including a case, earphones, and battery.
  • It is compact and light weight.


  • There are no audio effects or dramatization. The Bible text is read straight through with one narrator. (This could be a plus, depending on your preference.)
  • The device is strictly for listening to the Bible. The display screen is for search only, not for Bible text reading.
  • The physical feel or composition of the unit seems a bit fragile. If not kept in the case, durability may be an issue.

GoBible Review

The GoBible is simple to learn. If you've used an MP3 player, you'll probably be able to figure out the functions of the GoBible without reading the instruction manual. In fact, I only needed the manual to learn how to set a bookmark. However, I recommend you still read the instructions, so you don't miss any of the GoBible's distinctive features.

My very favorite feature of the GoBible is the "Hear in a Year" program. It's a "Bible in a Year" listening plan that takes you through the entire Bible in 365 days. I really enjoy listening to the Bible while I walk for exercise. In fact, I've been listening on my iPod for about a year now. But the one drawback is there's no real system for keeping track of my progress through the Bible, and I have felt like I was just wandering through the Word aimlessly. However, now that I have the GoBible's daily program, it's so easy to stay on task while I walk. Each daily segment is divided into 12-15 minutes of listening and incorporates a variety of passages from both the Old and New Testament. Having this simple method to track my progress is a real motivator, both for listening and walking!

So far the GoBible is the only audio Bible I've seen that is indexed at the verse level, allowing you the ability to search and begin listening at any specific verse. Because of this unique functionality, the GoBible can offer even more original features, such as a "Topic Index." If you want to listen to Bible verses about love or heaven, for example, the GoBible has organized a collection of Scriptures for approximately 30 topics.

I have found the "Bible Story Index" to be even more useful. More than 200 of the Bible's most popular stories have been indexed for easy listening. If you're preparing a Bible study on the life of Jacob, you can listen to several stories contained in the list. You might want to teach your children about Noah's Ark and the Flood or the Raising of Lazarus. Simply plug the GoBible into a set of speakers and listen to the stories with your children as you teach them God's Word in a new way.

More Info

  • Price: The GoBible is reasonably priced at $99.95.
  • Battery: Requires 1 AAA battery that gives approximately 24 hours of play time.
  • Accessories: Portable speakers and FM transmitter (for car) are also available to purchase as accessories.
  • Warranty Info: Complete money back guarantee within 30 days. 90-day replacement guarantee.
  • Website: GoBible.com.