Thanksgiving Ideas for Christian Families

10 Great Ways to Give Thanks to God as a Family

Thanksgiving Ideas for Christian Families
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Here are simple yet creative ideas to help you and your family express thanks to God in unique and special ways on Thanksgiving Day.

10 Creative Thanksgiving Ideas for Christian Families

Read a Thanksgiving Story

Set aside a few moments on Thanksgiving Day to sit down together and read a Thanksgiving story. Here are five of my favorite Thanksgiving books, which you can read alone or together with your family. They are geared for children, but can be appreciated at any age.

Write a Thanksgiving Poem or Prayer

Take on the family project of writing a Thanksgiving poem or prayer together.

Here are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving prayers, poems, and songs, including a poem I wrote. Feel free to share them with your family and friends this holiday.

Share Thanksgiving Bible Verses

Ask each family member to read a favorite Bible verse before the Thanksgiving meal. Here are Scriptures on giving thanks.

Remember Thanksgivings Past

During Thanksgiving dinner, ask each family member to share a favorite Thanksgiving memory.

Celebrate With Thanksgiving Communion

Plan a time of family Communion on Thanksgiving to give thanks by remembering Christ's life, death and resurrection.

Pass on a Thanksgiving Blessing

Invite a widow, single person, or someone who is lonely to share in your family Thanksgiving meal. Give a grocery store gift card to a single parent or a struggling family. Fill up a college student's gas tank. Take a piece of pie to someone in a nursing home. The possibilities are endless, so put on your collective thinking caps and get ready to be blessed in return.

Hold a Thanksgiving Day Parade or Play

Put on your own Thanksgiving Day parade or "pilgrim play" with family, friends and neighbors.

Give a Thanksgiving Offering

Prepare a Thanksgiving offering to give to a needy family or one of your favorite charities.

Undertake a Thanksgiving "Adoption"

Maybe you know someone who is dealing with a serious illness or injury. Shopping for groceries and cooking an elaborate meal can be too exhausting and expensive for them. So, lift that burden by letting the family know you plan to adopt them at Thanksgiving. Then prepare and deliver their meal, or at least their groceries, in advance.

Enjoy a Thanksgiving Football Game

Plan a neighborhood football game for Thanksgiving weekend.