Giving Away of the Bride

Tips for Your Christian Wedding Ceremony

Giving Away the Bride
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The giving away of the bride is an important way to involve the parents of the bride and the groom in the wedding ceremony. There are also many other possibilities for incorporating this element into your wedding ceremony when the Father or parents of the bride and groom are not present. Some couples ask a godparent or a godly mentor to give away the bride.

Here are some of the most common examples of the giving away of the bride. You may use them just as they are, or you may wish to modify them and create your own together with the minister performing your ceremony.

Sample Giving Away of the Bride #1

Who gives this woman to be married to this man?
(Choose one of these replies.)
• "I do"
• "Her mother and I do"
• Or, in unison, "We do"

Sample Giving Away of the Bride #2

Who presents this woman and this man to be married to each other?
• Both sets of parents answer in unison, "I do" or "We do."

Sample Giving Away of the Bride #3

Doubly blessed is the couple which comes to the marriage altar with the approval and blessings of their families and friends. Who has the honor of presenting this woman to be married to this man? (Choose the appropriate reply of your preference.)

To gain a deeper understanding of your Christian wedding ceremony and to make your special day even more meaningful, you may want to spend some time learning the biblical significance of today's Christian wedding traditions.