Giora Shimoni

Kosher Food Expert


M.A., Communications, Ohio State University

B.Ed., Israeli Studies, Beit Berl


  • Kosher food enthusiast and home cook
  • Published hundreds of kosher food recipes online
  • Master's degree in communications
  • Lives in Israel



Giora Shimoni, M.A., began working online in 1994, while he was studying in America. When he moved back home to Israel, his interest in kosher cooking blossomed. With over a decade of Internet experience, Giora decided to turn to the internet once again to interact with those who shared his interest. He has written about the resources needed to buy kosher products, cook kosher food, and lead a kosher life. By not eating scavengers and predatory beasts and by eating food produced under strict supervision and slaughtered in a humane fashion, those who eat kosher strive for physical and spiritual fitness in their lives.

He continues to work in online publishing, website development, and marketing.


Giora Shimoni has a Master of Arts in Communications from Ohio State University and was a fellow in the Executive Leadership Program at the Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine. He has a Bachelor of Education degree in Israeli studies from Beit Berl. As part of his studies, he became a licensed tour guide.

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