Before You Buy Gifts for Your Spiritual-Minded Friends

Heart Shopping Tips

Salt Crystal Lamps on display in a store
Salt Crystal Lamps, Natures Beautiful Air Ionizers.

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The best way to select the perfect gift is to let your heart do the shopping. Heart Shopping requires you to let go of any notion that you KNOW what someone needs or wants. Let your heart lead you to the appropriate gift. Doing this is similar to taking your hungry tummy to the market, the cart fills up fast. Focus briefly on the person you are seeking a gift for. Open your heart, seek inner guidance, and you will be drawn to what is right.

Inspirational and Healing Gifts

The last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute and end up buying a gift that doesn't fit the bill. Giving an inspirational gift is especially appealing because it conveys that you put some thought and care into choosing something that would give pleasure and joy. Thoughtful gifting inspires both the gift giver and the recipient to share the loving part of themselves.

Crystals and Gemstones

Selecting a crystal can be a very personalized gift. There are books that offer meanings of the various stones that can help steer you to the crystal that will assist healing of particular conditions/issues. Pick up various stones while picturing the person in your mind, perhaps a stone will tell you it's the one!

Healing / Spiritual Books

When choosing a book for someone keep in mind if the person is a bookworm type or a librarian type. Bookworms eat books, librarians turn to them for reference. Considering a topical book such as on yoga, Reiki, herb gardening, or whatever? A novice or beginner will want basic primers, whereas the intense student will want something richer/meatier in the text.

Herbal Remedies / Essential Oils

Be careful, choosing herbals for others as herbs are not always compatible with the medications prescribed by doctors. Aromatherapy candles, scented bath salts are nice luxury items if the recipient is not scent-sensitive.

Gadgets / Tools

Selecting healing tools, spiritual amulets, etc. can be particularly fun to pick out. Go with your senses (colors, textures, sounds) and enjoy shopping! You will likely find something for yourself as well.


Is the person you are seeking a gift for more visual or more audio? Knowing this alone will help you in your decision whether to purchase a sightful gift or a soundful one.

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