Ten Great Gift Ideas for Pagans

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So you've got some friends who are Pagan — awesome! Many of us do... but if you don't know the specifics of what he or she believes, it can be hard to pick out a gift that has any sort of spiritual value to your friend. On the other hand, you know that spirituality is an important part of our lives, so finding an appropriate gift can be a challenge. Never fear, though. This happens a lot when non-Pagans have a friend or family member who is Pagan. It's a really nice and thoughtful thing to want to do, so here's a list of ten simple gift ideas nearly any Pagan will appreciate:

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Most Pagans love candles. Colored ones are best, because they can be used in spell work. Plain white ones are nice, too, because a white candle can be substituted for any other color in magical workings. Taper-style or votive candles are the most practical — save the giant twelve-pound three-wick for another time. Be sure to select unscented candles, so your friend can anoint them with magical oils if needed.

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You can never read too much. Books are always a great gift, and there are a few that are always timeless. Check for the newest releases about Wicca and Paganism, and these might be a good bet. Classics such as and are popular choices as well. If your friend is just beginning to study Wicca and Paganism, you can't go wrong with a title from this reading list of the best books about witchcraft.

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Decorative Containers

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Many of your Pagan friends probably like boxes, bowls, and bags. We use them to put our Tarot cards in, our herbs, gemstones, and other little trinkets. Chances are if you find one that's decorated, we'll appreciate it. Some are available with specifically Pagan designs, such as a pentacle, a goddess symbol, or Celtic knot work. An even better idea is to find a plain box, and decorate it yourself with beads, fabric, or other goodies.

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Annual Almanacs

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If you're not sure about a specific book, consider an annual almanac such as Llewellyn's Magical Almanac or the Witches' Almanac, which all contain useful information about lunar phases, plants, and astrological shifts. Not only do these come in handy for magical workings from day to day, they can make a great reference book later on, after the year has ended.

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A Blank Journal

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Pagans read a lot, and because of that, we tend to write lots of things down. It's not uncommon to see us scribbling away when something strikes our fancy. Many practicing Pagans keep a Book of Shadows, which is where we keep information on spellwork, rituals, our gods, and other important topics. Pick up a nice, blank journal. If your friend has a particular interest, try to find a related journal, whether it's Harry Potter or Hello Kitty.

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Because a lot of Pagans practice meditation, it's great to have music to meditate by. There is an endless list of music available on CD for meditation, and a huge selection to choose from. If you're on a budget, consider making your friend a Spotify playlist.

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Stones or Crystals

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Many Pagans work with stones and crystals. A pretty chunk of quartz, a selection of gemstones, or even a rock tumbler make a great gift. Different stones have different associations, too — someone who needs love in their life might benefit from a rose quartz, while a person that's been feeling down could use the pick-me-up found in amber.

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Tarot Cards

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There are Tarot cards available for just about every interest, and if you know your gift recipient has a certain hobby or passion, why not get them cards to symbolize that? Whether they're a fan of Tolkien's novels or baseball or Celtic artwork, there's a Tarot deck out there for everyone.

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Fresh Herbs

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A lot of people in the Pagan community are into herbs, and we like them even better when they're fresh. If you've got a garden, bring us a clipping of some of your most aromatic goodies — in fact, if you've got too many of something, we'd be happy to take some seedlings off your hands to plant in our own yards! Many magical herbs are also culinary — rosemary, for instance, is a wonderful seasoning for food, and it's also known as an herb of protection.

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Statue of Isis
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Visit your Pagan friends at home, and you may see that they keep statuary on their altar or in places of honor. If you know which pantheon they follow, that can make your gift selection process even easier — someone who follows an Egyptian path might appreciate a statue of Isis while someone who practices a more eclectic tradition might like a figure of a lunar goddess.

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