Ghosts & Spirits Tarot

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Ghosts & Spirits Tarot Pictorial


If you are a lover of Tarot and also enjoy ghost lore and haunting stories you will be enchanted by this spirited deck for your divination explorations. In this pictorial I will lead you thorough various cards and ways you can use the cards for personal guidance, or pull them out to use during Samhain (or Halloween) season, when the veil between the living and spirit world is at its thinnest. This is a time of year when spirit communications are heightened or more easily accessible.

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What You Get


Open up the box and here's what you get. Based on the traditional tarot deck there are the standard 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor cards. In addition, Lisa Hunt has included a bonus card the querent can utilize as his or her signifier card. Or, you can use it as a gazing tool for deeper insights. There is also a booklet that gives descriptions of each card. In addition to the traditional name of each card in parenthesis is given a ghostly persona or power. The spirit messengers depicted on the cards as well as the meanings given for each were based on Lisa's research and personal connections with the spirit world.

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Major Arcana


List of 22 Major Arcana Cards

0 - The Fool (Leshy)
1 - The Magician (Psychopomp)
2 - The High Priestess (The Enchantress-Sibyl)
3 - The Empress (Guardian Spirit)
4 - The Emperor (Dragon Ghost-Gods)
5 - The High Priest (Apparition)
6 - The Lovers (Spector Bridegroom)
7 - The Chariot (The Wild Hunt)
8 - Strength (Mummy/Ka)
9 - The Hermid (Dryads)
10 - The Wheel of Fortune ( Hungry Ghosts)
11 - Justice (Snow Ghost)
12 - The Hanged Man (The Undead / Vampire)
13 - Death (Grim Reaper)
14 - Temperance (Swan Maiden)
15 - Chains (Jacob Marley)
16 - The Tower (The Fall f the House of Usher)
17 - The Star (Cloud People / Shivana)
18 - The Moon (Acncus' Journey to the Underworld)
19 - The Sun (Grateful Dead)
20 - Judgment (Judgment of the Dead)
21 - The World (La Danse Macabre)

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Ghostly Aces


Shown here are the aces from each of the four tarot suits (cups, wands, pentacles, and swords). Aces are typically indicators of a time for planting new seedlings, manifesting, or welcoming change in a standard deck. Check out Lisa's descriptions for the four aces to see how closely she followed that same vein in her ghostly deck.

Ace of Cups (Giselle)
Divinatory meaning: Love energy will direct your desires.

Ace of Wands (Will o' the Wisp)
Divinatory meaning: You may see the "light" that serves as a harbinger for change.

Ace of Pentacles (Rubezahl)
Divinatory meaning: Don't refrain from venturing forth and exploring new terrain. This is the time to let your ideas manifest into material gains.

Ace of Swords (Poltergeist)
Divinatory meaning: This is the beginning of a cycle of intense activity. Focus on what you need to do to manifest your energy in creative productive ways.

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The Tarot Treys


This pictorial is meant to give you, as a reader, a sampling of the cards in order for you to decide if this deck belongs in your hands. Why did I choose Aces and Treys? Aces because it seemed logical to begin with them. Featuring the four threes was random, I blindly drew a card from the deck. It was the three of Cups, so there you go!

Trey of Cups (Aspars & Gandharvas)
Divinatory meaning: This card encompasses harmony and abundance. Creativity emerges as you embrace the energy around you.

Trey of Wands (Fair Brow)
Divinatory meaning: Communication and cooperation with others may lead to new enterprises. This can be very productive time if you open yourself up to new ideas.

Trey of Pentacles (Manes)
Divinatory meaning: This is the time to brush up on old skills or nurturing new ones.

Trey of Swords (The Phantom Rickshaw-Mrs. Wessington's Ghost)
Divinatory meaning: Look out for signs of trouble and prepare yourself for heartache and rejection. You may experience separation anxiety and a sense of isolation. 

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Realm of the Spirits 5 Card Spread


Pictured here is a five-card layout suggested in the guidebook for unearthing any problems or issues that might be troubling or blocking you from moving forward in your life. 

Shuffle the full deck and pull out five cards for this reading. Lay them on the table as follows.

Card 1 - Place in the Center
Card 2 - Place to the right side of Card 1
Card 3 - Place underneath Card 1
Card 4 - Place over Card 1
Card 5 - Place to the left side of Card 1

Reading the Results

Card 1: Present
Look to this card to reveal influences you are experiencing right NOW
Card 2: Past
What is in your past that is lingering in your present that needs to be put in its proper place---behind you. Let Go!
Card 3: Fears
What are you afraid of or what is lurking in the deep recesses of your psyche. Is it time for these things to resurface so you can confront them finally?
Card 4: Joys
Do I need to explain this.... what makes you happy? Follow your dreams.
Card 5: Future
Of course this is what we all want to know. Are you going to get to that place where you are meant to be. Have you cleared away everything that might be blocking your destiny?

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Circle of Ghosts


These beautiful cards arrived via courtesy of Lisa Hunt and US Games Systems, Inc. The 3 white-sheet inspired ghosts invited me to play with them in their circular trance dance. I was delighted with the clever circular back design of the ghosts dancing with spirit orbs. I loved watching Casper, The Friendly Ghost cartoons as a child. The card back artwork reminded me of Casper and his family of not-so-scary ghosts. I was equally enchanted by the yellow-aged borders on the front side of the cards, giving them a haunting old-world look. Spooky Fun!

Message from Artist/Creator: Lisa Hunt 

I am an artist, writer, faithful blogger, and an avid tarot and book enthusiast living in South Florida with my family. When not in my studio, I enjoy studying and practicing Jazz piano, gardening, gourmet cooking, and spending time with my hubby and kids. I earned a Black Belt in Taekwondo and try to stay physically active by engaging in home improvement projects and other physically demanding pursuits. Regardless of the activity, I try to make every moment of my day count. I strongly believe in approaching daily life with a creative mindset as most everything I do is vested with spirit.

My bi-weekly blog posts provides a snapshot of my eclectic life and illustrates the importance of embracing imaginative thinking in everything I do. Being open to creative risk is an integral part of my studio work, as each new project provides an opportunity to learn by pushing beyond comfort zones. I feel it is important to look at the world from many different angles; not just as an artist/writer, but as a person.

For me, that helps constitute a rich and thoughtful life.

About my cards

The Ghosts and Spirits Tarot is my 6th deck and reflects twenty years of tarot and mythos exploration. Ghosts and Spirits Tarot stands out from previous efforts since it unabashedly delves into the mysterious realms of the supernatural with an "I believe in ghosts" mindset. The cards represent entities unearthed from world folklore and puts them into the context of self exploration and the possibilities that lie just beyond the veil. Some ghosts and spirits are readily recognizable while others are more obscure. All the Ghosts & Spirits possess universal staying power; eliciting wonder, intrigue, and reflecting the eternal human desire to understand that what we can't completely comprehend. Ghosts and Spirits as subjects for a tarot deck seemed like the perfect conduit for exploring the psyche while embracing the provocative nature of supernatural possibilities.

Lisa's Response to My Question:

What lesson have you learned in life that has helped or inspired you in a significant way?

Life is not fair and is pathed with unexpected folly. Youthful idealism is necessary when pursuing dreams but as we gain experience, our dreams adjust to reflect our wiser, deeper selves. I've learned (so far) that life is a fluid force full of change, surprises, disappointments and joys. Living in hurricane country, there is nothing more demonstrative of potential change than Mother Nature. Recognizing the inherent transience of life adds depth to the experience. This includes the contemplative concept of the life cycle and how our individual contributions are part of a collective experience that goes beyond our brief interlude on the physical plane. Almost everything I do as an artist/writer is inspired by some deep collective, figments of lives past.

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