Best Fundraising Ideas for Christian Teens Mission Trips

Team of young people holding 'thank you' sign outdoors

Steve Debenport/Getty Images

Missions trips are not free. Most Christian teens considering going on a mission trip will have to raise money in order to travel. However, knowing the most effective ways to raise money for these mission trips can give most Christian teens peace of mind when it comes to the financial aspect of missions. Here are some of the best ways to raise money for a missions trip.

Write a Letter

Writing a letter is one of the most effective ways to raise money for a mission trip. On average, a Christian teen can raise $2,500 by sending well-written letters to 75 people. Think you don't know 75 people? Think again. Don't limit yourself to just friends and family. Send letters to everyone you can think of - the worst they can say is that they have no money to give. Most youth groups have prepared fundraising letters. They may also recommend members that are looking for places to give funds. Also, don't forget to send thank you notes to those who have given you financial support for your trip.

Speak to the Congregation

Sometimes church leaders will allow Christian teens to speak to the congregation about the missions trip, which can elicit financial support. Some churches will even conduct a special offering to help students raise funds for the trip. You can even attend different small group functions to talk about the trip and raise funds.

Advertise Your Mission Trip

Most churches have a weekly bulletin, and some even have a website and newsletter. These are all great places to advertise your mission trip and how to give.

Have a Fundraising Event

Many Christian teens host fundraising events to get money for a missions trip. From car washes to bake sales, fundraising events are a great way to get money for an individual or group. Some ideas include bake sales, coupon books, chore auction, penny drives, candy sales, carnivals, cell phone donation, dinners, and more.

Raise Your Own Money

Sacrificial giving is often the most rewarding. In order to get some of the finances you need for your trip, you may want to sacrifice some of the activities that cost you money like weekly trips to Starbucks, movies, eating out, or new clothes. Instead of getting presents for Christmas or your birthday, why not ask for financial support for the mission trip? Also, you can do odd jobs like babysitting, chores, mowing lawns, and more to raise money.

Frequent Flyer Miles

Some airlines allow the donation of frequent flyer miles to non-profit groups. If someone you know is interested in donating the mileage to the group, be sure to check with the airline first to see if your mission trip is eligible.

Corporate Sponsorship

Christian teens sometimes forget that there are a lot of corporations and businesses that set aside money each year for philanthropic use. Try checking with some local companies to see if they will sponsor or contribute to your mission trip. Remember, a person or company does not have to be Christian to give to a mission trip.