Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Christian Families

Ways to Add Fun to Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Enjoy laughter, music, movies, crafts and loads of fun with these Thanksgiving activities for your Christian family this holiday season.

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Fun Holiday Movies for Christians

The Muppet Christmas Carol
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These movie reviews of holiday films are written from a Christian perspective. Read the reviews and choose from a long list of holiday films to view with your family on Thanksgiving Day. Also, check out my list of top Christmas movies for Christian families.

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Top 10 Christian Thanksgiving Songs

Thanksgiving Music
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Christian Music Expert Kim Jones put together this list of top Thanksgiving songs. There's simply no better way to give thanks than through music, and these are 10 of the best songs for reminding us of God's many blessings. With each tune, you'll find plenty of reasons to be thankful and praise our Savior.

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Active Family Thanksgiving Fun

Active Family
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Family Fitness Expert Catherine Holecko helps keep the whole family in shape with these active games and outdoor activities designed to burn off those extra Thanksgiving calories. These are kid-friendly physical activities that can easily be adapted for toddlers, teens, and seniors too.

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Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Fall Decorating
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Budget Decorating Expert Tonya Lee offers easy, do-it-yourself ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces, creative table settings, crafts, and many more projects sure to add fun to your holiday celebrations. The whole family will want to join in on these whimsical, homey, upcycled and inexpensive decorations.

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Create a Local Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving Fun
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Local Foods Expert Molly Watson will show you how to create a local Thanksgiving menu that is easier than you might think. Your family will enjoy the adventure of finding locally grown products to savor in all your traditional Thanksgiving recipes.

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Thanksgiving Weekend Getaways for the Family

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Family Vacations Expert Suzanne Rowan Kelleher shares several fantastic (and fun) family getaways for the Thanksgiving break. And she promises you can still have your turkey and all the trimmings.