How to Get a Free Book of Mormon

1841 Book of Mormon Edition
A page from the Liverpool, England edition of the Book of Mormon published in 1841. Photo courtesy of © 2013 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

Mormons believe the Book of Mormon to be scripture. Along with the Bible and other books, it makes up the canon of accepted scripture for LDS members.

Send For a Free Book of Mormon

One of the simplest ways to get a free Book of Mormon is to order it online from one of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' official websites. The website is the best website to visit, if you know little about the Church or this book of scripture.

Normally your free Book of Mormon, or BOM as Mormons sometimes refer to it, will be delivered to you by two full-time missionaries. Depending on where you live, it could be mailed to you or delivered in other ways.

The Book of Mormon comes in many different translations. Indicate which translation you want.

The Book of Mormon is Available in Many Different Formats

Even though you will likely receive it in a few days time, you can access the Book of Mormon online and download it if you choose. There are many options:

With over 500 pages, the book will take some time to read. If you access one of the audio versions, it will take about 26 hours to listen to in its entirety.

Children's Version of the Book of Mormon

There is a child's version of the Book of Mormon available free online. It is a series of 54 videos. Once you are familiar with the story, understanding the doctrine inside the book may be much easier for you.

All the videos can be viewed online, or downloaded for free.

What to Look For in the Book of Mormon

Try reading along in the Book of Mormon while the professional readers read it to you. There is a rich mix of characters and stories that will teach you about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The high point of the book is when Jesus Christ appeared to the Nephite people, organized His church among them and taught them. This took place after His resurrection. This is why the BOM is subtitled: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

Do not get too bogged down in BOM geography. It is not possible to identify accurately the current locations of Book of Mormon events.

Be sure to look for these 10 Great Role Models as well as the 10 Worst Role Models.

Many people find getting through the last chapters of 1 Nephi and the entire book of 2 Nephi difficult. Nephi quotes a great deal of Isaiah and it can be slow going. Once you get past that, the stories should easily carry you through the rest of the book quickly

How it Can Help You Understand the Bible

One of the advantages of the hard copy book is the footnotes. The LDS system of footnoting is unique. The footnotes correlate all the books of scripture with each other. This means that if a concept is taught in the Bible, the footnote for the verse in the Book of Mormon can tell you where to find it in the Bible.

If you also order a free LDS copy of the King James Version of the Bible, you can access the Bible footnotes to find references in the Book of Mormon and other scripture.

There are many study helps and references online as well. These maps, pictures, Bible dictionary, chronologies and so forth can help you in your personal study. Be sure to review the Harmony of the Gospels to see where Book of Mormon correlates with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament.

However you decide to obtain the Book of Mormon, enjoy the gospel truths it teaches.

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