Francesca Battistelli Biography

Francesca Battistelli
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Francesca Battistelli Born

Franny was born May 18, 1985 in New York City to Mike and Kate Battistelli. She will be 31 years old in 2016.

Francesca Battistelli Quote

- "When I think I know everything that’s coming when I think I can put my life into a perfect little box, scheduling every moment to a "t," that’s when God steps in to remind me that His plan is above my plan. His thoughts are higher than my thoughts, and His ways are higher than my ways."

From Franny's Blog.

Francesca Battistelli Biography

Both of Francesca's parents were involved in musical theater, so it was no surprise when she decided, at the age of six after seeing “The Secret Garden” on Broadway, that she was going to spend her life performing.

At 15, she took the stage as a member of the Orlando, Florida all-girl pop group Bella. Performing with them gave her the chance to hone the singing and dancing skills that natural talent and extensive training had given her and it seemed as though her musical path was set. When Bella broke up, the next leg of Franny's journey began at a youth camp, where God planted the seed of Christian music. Battistelli started writing songs and released an independent album at age 19. Fervent Records signed her and released her full-length debut album in 2008.

Married to Newsong member Matthew Godwin on August 27, 2009, Francesca became a mom on September 22, 2010 when their son Matthew Elijah was born. On July 3, 2012, the Godwin family increased again when their daughter, Audrey Jane Goodwin, was born. Isaac James Goodwin joined the happy family on March 20, 2016, entering the world weighing 10 lbs., 9 oz at 23 inches long.

Francesca Battistelli Music Facts

  • Sales of her debut album have exceeded 500,000 with digital sales of over 775,000 tracks. It was certified Gold by RIAA on July 13, 2012 and was the first debut album from a CCM artist in nearly a decade to receive that honor.
  • 10 time Dove Award nominated artist and 5 time Dove Award Winning artist – Artist of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year, Short Form Music Video – "Free To Be Me"
  • 2010 Grammy Nominated (Best Gospel Performance, "Free To Be Me")
  • TV/Film Placement on six major TV networks and one major movie

Francesca Battistelli Starter Songs

  • "Constant"
  • "You Never Are"
  • "Free To Be Me" 
  • "Hundred More Years"
  • "Worth It" 
  • "Unpredictable"

Francesca Battistelli Discography

  • If We're Honest, 2014 
  • Hundred More Years, 2011
  • My Paper Heart: Deluxe Edition, 2010
  • My Paper Heart, 2008 
  • I'm Letting Go EP, 2008
  • Just A Breath, 2004 

Francesca Battistelli News & Notes

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