Flyleaf 2014
Flyleaf 2014. Loud & Proud Records

Flyleaf Formed

Flyleaf was formed in 2000 in Texas.

Flyleaf Members

  • Kristen May - vocals
  • Sameer Bhattacharya - guitar
  • Jared Hartmann - guitar
  • Pat Seals - bass
  • James Culpepper - drums

Former Members

  • Lacey Sturm (formerly Mosley) - vocals (retired in 2012 to spend more time with her family)

Flyleaf Biography - The Early Days

Lacey Mosley and James Culpepper joined forces in 2000 after Lacey shared the music she had written in high school with the drummer. They recruited Sameer Bhattacharya and Jared Hartmann shortly after the band they were in broke up. The final piece came in the form of Pat Seals in 2002. Originally, the band was known as Passerby. Due to legal aspects, they had to change their name. One short year after the band had all five members in place (2003), Flyleaf played at South by Southwest. Octone Records heard them and had them signed within a year.

Flyleaf - The Debut

Once Octone Records got the paperwork finished, an EP called Flyleaf was released in October 2004. The full-length CD, also titled , released that one year later with Howard Benson at the helm as producer. The music was so well received that their single "I'm So Sick" was included in the first Rock Band video game and later, "Tina," from Memento Mori, made it to Guitar Hero 3.

Flyleaf Discography

  • Between the Stars (2014) 
  • New Horizons (2012)  
  • Remember To Live EP (2010)  
  • Memento Mori (2009) 
  • Much Like Falling EP (2007)
  • Music As A Weapon EP (2007) (Only sold at the "Music As A Weapon" live shows)
  • Connect Sets EP (2006)
  • Flyleaf (2005)
  • Flyleaf EP (2004) 

As Passerby

  • Passerby EP (2003)
  • Broken Wings EP (2003)
  • Broken Wings: Special Edition EP (2002)

Flyleaf Starter Songs

  • "Uncle Bobby" 
  • "The Kind" 
  • "Enemy"
  • "Again"
  • "Tina"
  • "Sober Serenade" 
  • "I'm So Sick"

Flyleaf Music Videos

  • "Again" - Watch Video
  • "All Around Me"
  • "Beautiful Bride" - Watch Video
  • "Call You Out" - Watch Video
  • "Chasm" - Watch Video
  • "Fully Alive" 
  • "I'm So Sick" 
  • "Missing" - Watch Video
  • "New Horizons" 
  • "Sorrow" - Watch Video

Flyleaf News

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