Remedies for the Angry Personality

Flower Essence Remedies for Management and Releasing of Anger Emotions

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For anyone who is suffering from experiencing anger (repressed or raging), tendency to hold onto resentments, or feels victimized by injustices (real or imagined), these flower essences remedies may bring relief. 

The typical angry personality is easily agitated due to unresolved issues that make him feel vulnerable to more hurts. This can result in inappropriate physical or verbal attacks directed at others with little or no apparent provocation. Some people who live with intense repressed anger will act out with passive-aggressive behaviors.
Do you resonate with any of these anger personality traits? 

  • Short-tempered with frequent outbursts
  • Physically aggressive
  • Passive-aggressive behaviors
  • Verbally abusive
  • Easily agitated
  • Grudge holder
  • Defensive nature / guarded
  • Avoidance of confrontations
  • Mask your feelings

Manage Your Anger Tendencies

Incorporating the use of specific flower essences can help ease feelings of anger, resentments, and hostility. Review the essences listed below to see different aspects of the angry personality they address.

Choose 3 to 5 of the essences summarized below as a combined formula to begin taking as an "anger-management" therapy. Just know that flower essence therapy is a subtle vibrational medicine. You may need to take them for several weeks or months before you see changes. If you are looking for a quick fix, flower essence are not for you. They are especially helpful as a complementary therapy to use along with counseling or other treatments to address your anger issues.

Anger Essences

  • Baby Blue Eyes - Remedy for the person who masks their emotions. Also good for the cynical personality, allowing new ideas to flourish.
  •  - Assists the person to express his anger in a responsible and healthful manner. Especially helpful to the defensive person who has the habit to react with criticism. Beech is a gentle remedy that is protective in nature. Calms feelings of vulnerability.
  • Black-Eyed SusanHelps to bring repressed emotions to the surface. It helps to shed light on the situation and give awareness. Sometimes the difficult life experiences we have offer gifts or lessons that can make us become more spiritually evolved and as a result a happier person.
  • Chamomile - Calming agent. Chamomile brings balance in general. It can help diffuse feelings of anger. Good to have as an onset treatment to reach for whenever you feel anger bubbling out of control.
  • FuchsiaFuchsia is a dynamic essence that focuses on balancing deeply entrenched anger issues. Good for the hyper-emotional person who had limited or no control of his outbursts.
  •  - Anger issues involving heart break or difficult love relationships. Have you have been acting hostile toward your ex? Holly is a heart-healer than can help to diminish your reactive and so-not-helpful behavior.
  • Impatiens - This flower remedy is for the impulsive personality to help control reactive tendencies.
  • Orange Grape - Gives insight to the "victimized personality" diffusing paranoia thinking. Good remedy for the person who focuses blame on outside influences rather than seeing his own part resulting in an unhappy outcome. Also really helpful for the grudge-holder or assist in releasing any lingering resentments that are destroying the quality of your life.
  • Poison Oak - Remedy for the hostile personality that projects her anger onto others as a protective measure, keeping others at a distance. This is likely done unconsciously. The wounded person who has not resolved past hurts lashes out first, guarding against preconceived future injury to occur.
  • Scarlet Monkeyflower - Transformative remedy that addresses fears associated with anger issues.
  • Snapdragon - This remedy is recommended for the verbally abusive personality. Brings balance to the snarky impulse.
  •  - Brings in more feminine energies, defusing dominant male energies than come across as blown up aggression. Tames the bully!
  • Willow - Addresses feelings of bitterness and deep-seated resentments. The personality that blames others for his poor circumstances can get relief with willow, allowing a more balanced perspective.

Balance is a gift that flower essences offer. They assist us in creating gentle energy shifts, easing any imbalances back into check.

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Reference: Flower Essence Repertory, Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz

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