9 Places to Find Youth Group Skits Online

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Youth groups like to make services far more engaging and vibrant, and one way to do that is to use skits or plays to kick-start a message or get a point across. Not all ​youth groups know where to find Christian skits, nor do all of them have the resources to write their own. Here are some online resources (most of them FREE), to help you find some good Youth Group skits:


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 Via Youth Source

The ESource provides skits that are appropriate for youth groups, family groups, and more. They tend to be more Lutheran focused but can go well beyond one denomination. The ESource also accepts submissions to the site.

A range of topics covered: acceptance, gender, sex, ​salvation, suffering, suicide, forgiveness, temptation, and more.

Cross the Sky Ministries

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Via Cross the Sky Ministries

Cross the sky ministries has several sample skits on their website while also offering books full of more productions. The ministry was founded by camp staff from Iowa and Wisconsin to originally create camp curriculum. The ministry has grown to inspire worship and praise in youth groups around the country. Most skits not only have a script, but also a guide for discussion.

A range of topics covered: forgiveness, peer pressure, worship, godliness, friendship, faithfulness, dating, and more.

Let's Skit Crazy!

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 Via Christian Skits

Let's Skit Crazy! has a multitude of scripts for almost any youth group. The website is not the easiest to follow at times, but it has a wide variety of scripts for almost any occasion. Many of the skits are meant to go along with music, which you can also find on the site.

A range of topics covered: Guilt, loving one another, barriers to faith, the devil in disguise, patience,​ the armor of God, giving, thankfulness, and more.

Catholic Youth Ministry Resources

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 Via Catholic Youth Ministry Hub

The resources on Catholic Youth Ministry Resources tend to have a more Catholic flair, but most of them transcend all denominations of Christianity. Some of the skits have lessons attached, while others can be purely used as icebreakers to get the services started.

A range of Topics covered: godly behavior, entertainment

The Source for Youth Ministry

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 Via The Source

The Source for Youth Ministry focuses on equipping youth groups with the tools they need to inspire students in their Christian walk. The founder, Jonathan McKee, was determined to create a free resource for churches and ministries. The skits tend to be amusing, hence the title of the page, "Stupid Skits."

A range of topics covered: entertainment

Body Builders

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 Via Body Builders

There are a number of different skits on the Body Builders website. The skits tend not to be overly scripted, but allow for you to work them as you see fit. Some skits are general descriptions of actions that demonstrate the theme while others have a short script.

A range of topics covered: sin, doubt, freedom, kindness, bible stories, prayer, and more.

Sunday School Center

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 Via Sunday School Center

Sunday School Center has several skits that are applicable to Junior High and High School age teens. They also have skits for the Christmas and Easter holidays. The skits include both the script and the lesson demonstrated through the action.

A range of topics covered: evangelism, barriers to faith, applying Bible truths, outreach, and more.


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 Via Fools 4 Christ

This UK site has a number of plays based on biblical occurrences. The site's goal is to bring about new and refreshing ways to get across God's message. There are humorous and serious skits available, as well as links to other skits.

A range of topics covered: Outreach, Prophets of Baal, Elijah, fading interest in Christianity.


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Via Christian Drama Resource Center

DramaShare is not a free site for scripts, but it does have a wide variety of scripts from which to choose. It may be a site that your church considers joining as a whole to access the over 2,000 skits that exist in its annals. The site also has sermon starters and full-length dramas available.

A range of topics covered: Thanksgiving, Christmas, family, teen issues, African American issues, leadership, missions, and more.​

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