Love From God Changes Everything

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Can you find love on the Internet?

Millions of people believe you can. They want to reduce the search to the click of a mouse and discover lifelong bliss. In the real world, however, it’s not that easy to find love.

We have such high expectations for love that no person can ever meet them. When that happens, we can give up, thinking we'll never get the kind of love we want, or we can turn to someplace unexpected: God.

Your reaction may be a disgusted, “Yeah, right.” But think about it. We’re not talking about physical intimacy here. We’re talking about love: pure, unconditional, indestructible, eternal love. This is a love so overwhelming it can take your breath away, so forgiving it can make you weep uncontrollably.

Let’s not argue whether God exists. Let’s talk about what kind of love he has for you.

Love Without Limits

Who wants love that sets conditions? “If you hurt my feelings, I'll stop loving you.” “If you don’t quit that habit I don’t like, I'll stop loving you.” “If you break any of these rules I set, I'll stop loving you.”

Many people have a wrong idea about God's love for them. They think it's based on their performance. If it were, not a single human being would qualify.

No, God's love is based on grace, a free gift for you, but paid for at a terrible price by Jesus Christ. When Jesus voluntarily sacrificed himself on the cross to pay for your sins, you became acceptable to his Father through Jesus's merit, not your own. Jesus's acceptance by God will transfer to you if you believe in him.

That means for Christians, there are no “ifs” when it comes to God's love. Let's be clear, though. We don't have a license to go out and sin as much as we want. As a loving Father, God will discipline (correct) us. Sin still has consequences. But once you accept Christ, you have God's love, his unconditional love, for eternity.

When you're trying to find love, you'll have to agree you won't get that kind of devotion from another human being. Our love has limits. God's does not.

Love Made Just for You

God is not like an entertainer who shouts to an audience, “I love you!” He loves you individually. He knows everything there is to know about you and understands you better than you understand yourself. His love is custom-made for you alone.

Imagine your heart is like a lock. Only one key fits it perfectly. That key is God's love for you. His love for you doesn't fit anyone else and his love for them doesn't fit you. God doesn't have a master key of love that fits everyone. He has an individual, special love for every single person.

What's more, because God created you, he knows exactly what you need. You may think you know yourself, but only he knows best. In heaven, we will learn that God always made the right decision for each of us based on love, no matter how painful or disappointing it seemed at the time.

No other person can ever know you as God does. That's why no other person can love you as he can.

Love that Sustains You

Love can see you through hard times, and that's what the Holy Spirit does. He lives in each believer. The Holy Spirit is our personal, intimate connection to Jesus Christ and God the Father. When we need supernatural assistance, he takes our prayers to God then provides us with guidance and strength.

The Holy Spirit has been called the Helper, Comforter, and Counselor. He is all those things and more, displaying God's power through us if we surrender to him.

When trouble hits, you don't want a long-distance love. You may not be able to feel the Holy Spirit's presence within you, but your feelings are not reliable when it comes to God. You have to go by what the Bible tells to be true.

God's love for you lasts through eternity, giving you endurance for your journey here on earth and complete fulfillment in heaven.

Love Right Now

Human love is an incredible thing, the kind of gift that puts purpose in your life and happiness in your heart. Fame, fortune, power, and good looks are worthless compared to human love.

God's love is even better. It is the one thing all of us seek in life, whether we realize it or not. If you have found yourself disillusioned after reaching some goal you've chased for years, you're beginning to understand the reason why. That longing you can't put into words is your soul's desire for God's love.

You can deny it, fight it or try to ignore it, but God's love is the missing piece in the puzzle that is you. You will always be incomplete without it.

Christianity has good news: What you want is free for the asking. You've come to the right place to find love that changes everything.

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