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Feng Shui Cures in Your Home

Feng Shui Cure Objects
Feng Shui Cure Objects. Phylameana lila Desy

Harmony and Balance

Feng Shui is the practice of placing objects in specific areas of your environment (home or office) which will allow the avenues of Chi (life energy) to flow harmoniously. Many markets sell traditional Feng Shui cures such as red envelopes, bamboo flutes, mirrors, crystals, and coins. Before you rush out to shop for traditional cures, you might be surprised to learn that your home is already filled with objects that can be used as Feng Shui cures. All you need to do is learn some Feng Shui Basics to help you understand which of the nine sections to place objects in to bring about a cure. Objects displayed in this gallery represent "cures" when they are are placed in the proper section of the Feng Shu Bagua.

Nine Sections Called Guas Represented in the Feng Shui Bagua

  • skills/knowledge/wisdom
  • family/family relationships
  • wealth/opportunity
  • fame/reputation
  • marriage/love relationships
  • children/creativity
  • travel/helpful people
  • career/lifepath
  • health/wellness
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Salt Crystal Lamp

Natural Air Purifier Air Element. (c) Joe Desy

Keeping a rock salt lamp in areas where positive ions are polluting your air space will help neutralize the air you breathe.

Salt crystal lamps are natural ion generators, emitting negative ions into the atmosphere. Why is this a good thing? Negative ions are good for you! Negative ions restore and neutralize air quality.

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Projecting Postive Energy

Pyramid Dispels Negative Energy. photo © Joe Desy

Converts negative energy into positive focused energy

Pyramids represent ancient technology that has inspired people of all cultures and ages. In Feng Shui the shape of the pyramid is significant as it is believed to convert negative energy into positive focused energy. Negative energies are absorbed into the base of the pyramid. Energy that has been absorbed by the pyramid is then transformed into postive energy and released through the top point of the pyramid. Because of the sharp (cutting) and angular shape of the pyramid and its ability to draw negative energy it is best placed in the fame/reputation section of the Feng Shui Bagua.

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Open To Receive

Open Mouthed Fish Open to Receive. photo © Joe Desy

An open-mouthed fish symbolizes prosperity and abundance flowing your way

Any fish in Feng Shui represents movement and circulation because of its water association. In the prosperity section of the Feng Shui Bagua a fish will ensure that your cash or monetary means continue to flow. The natural movement of the fish will not allow you to hoarde money, nor spend it foolishly. The open-mouthed fish symbolizes that you are open to receiving.

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Pets in the Home

Our cockatiel "Lover Boy" Pets. photo © Joe Desy

Pets represent a loving life force in the home environment.

Having a happy and well-cared for pet (cat, dog, bird, etc.) will benefit your home environment. Dogs represent protective energy. They also teach unconditional love. Cats are natural healers and also symbolize wealth. A caged bird represents confinement so it is important to allow your bird freedom during the day to spend time outside of its cage. At the very least keep the cage in a central location and not tucked away in a corner or dead end. Turtles represent longevity. Fish represent success Ever wonder why almost all Chinese restaurants have fish aquariums in them?

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Red Candle Illumination. photo © Joe Desy

A candle flame brings light and betters a situation

Candlelight and lanterns lift up and expand chi energies. These are tools that will illuminate a situation in order to improve it. Burning a red candle in the fame section of your Feng Shui Bagua will enhance your possibilies of recognition in the world.

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Statue of the Meditation Buddha Amitabah. photo © Joe Desy

Remedy for replenishing lost chi

The placement of a statue of Amitabah (Meditation Buddha) is used in Feng Shui as a remedy for any areas of lost chi. Buddhas are often placed in sacred altars set up in the knowledge/spirituality section of the Feng Shui Bagua.

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Life Force

House Plants Life Force. photo © Joe Desy

Live plants represent the life force and are important elements to have in your environment.

A healthy home requires a significant supply of "life energy." Bamboo is probably the best know house plant used in Feng Shui decor, but any healthy living plant will emit chi into the room Green house plants are one of the easiest ways to incorporate a living force into your space. Fresh cut flowers are also a good choice as long as you discard them promptly when they begin showing signs of wilting. Dry flowers are considered a no-no in Feng Shui design because the life force that was once thriving in them has gone. Get rid of anything that represents death and dying from your environment. Always replace a dying plant with a larger healthier one. This will replenish dwindling chi energies.

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Natural Flow of Chi

Wind Chimes Natural Flow of Chi. photo © Joe Desy

Wind chimes are a common Feng Shui cure that help to free stagnant energies.

Doorways, foyers, and hallways are common areas where wind chimes are well-placed. Your main entryway into your home or office is the best location. Anywhere that the natural flow of energy is blocked a wind chime will help create movement. Brass and copper wind chimes are favored over ceramic, glass or other metals.

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Galloping Horse Opportunity / Success. photo © Joe Desy

A galloping or running horse brings opportunity into the home.

A running horse or charging chariot represents success or opportunity coming your way. It is important that you place the head of your horse entering your space and not leaving it.

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Fruit Bowl Wealth. photo © Joe Desy

A bowl or basket full of fresh fruit represents wealth

Fresh luscious fruit is representative of the good life! It is important to keep your fruit bowl overflowing with fruit to show abundance A large bowl with only a couple pieces of fruit indicates "lack of" or dimishing chi. If you only have two or three pieces of fresh fruit, put them in a smaller bowl. As you eat your "wealth" replenish the bowl. An empty fruit bowl is no good.

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Sacred Power

Arrowheads - Power Points Sacred Power Object. photo © Joe Desy

Nature or earth-centered objects are considered to be sacred and possess power

Spiritual power objects include crystals and rocks, feathers, seashells, driftwood, incense, and arrowheads. Power objects can be placed in any section of the Feng Shui Baqua that needs strengthing.

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Outdoor Cures

Whirly Gig Whirly Gig. photo © Joe Desy

There are a variety of objects that can be used to generate chi in your yard or garden

Outdoor objects that stir up chi by catching the wind include bells, flags, windsocks, windmills, whirly gigs, windmills, and water fountains. They are often placed in gardens or in the outside of the home in areas where a Bagua section in missing. For example if the shape of your home is an L-shape you would place an outdoor cure in the missing corner and reshaping the L-shape into a square or rectangle.

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Love and Marriage

Pairs Love and Marriage. photo © Joe Desy

Anything in pairs represent love and marriage.

Feng Shui practitoners will arrange paired items in the Love and Marriage section of the bagua to represent loving relationships. Pair placements are also used for manifesting a partner. One rule of thumb is to make sure that the paired items are "alike" such as this penguin salt and pepper set. A poor example would be a cat and mouse placed as a pair. These two would be an odd pairing representing incompatibility. A pair of swans or Mandarin ducks are common pairings chosen in Feng Shui because they mate for life. If you are already in a loving relationship a photograph of yourself and your lover would be well-placed in the love/marriage section of the Bagua.

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Water Element

Fish Bowl Water Element. photo © Joe Desy

Water is among the five elements represented in Feng Shui: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal

Water fountains and fish aquariums are common choices to represent the water element requirement in Feng Shui design. Although the fish, Betta splendas, in a fish bowl is representative of the life force it is the movement of water that is the focus of placing a fish bowl somewhere in your environment. It is important that the water is maintained so that it is kept fresh and clean. Don't allow the water in your fish tank to become dirty or stagnant. That is not good for your fish or for your environment.

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Turtle Wisdom. photo © Joe Desy

Turtles represent knowledge and spiritual enrichment

The knowledge/wisdom section of the bagua is also considered to be a spiritual center. This is where the seeker seeks truth and knowledge. The turtle, or tortoise is representative of wisdom. The owl is also a good choice for this section of the Bagua. Reference books and bookcases holding books are well-placed in this section as well as water fountains that clear the mental facilties.

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Magic Lantern Manifesting. photo © Joe Desy

Magickal items represent creation and manifestation power

Magickal items and good luck talismans are typically placed in two sections of the Feng Shui Bagua. The first is the creativity/children section which represents those things that you give birth to. The second area magickal items fit well in is in the abundance/proseperity section. Magickal or wish fulfillment inspired items include elves, fairies, unicorns, four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, magic lanterns, bells, and angels.

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Wood Element

Wooden Chalice Wooden Chalice. photo © Joe Desy

Wood benefits the family section of the Feng Shui Bagua

Wood represents one of the five elements in Feng Shui. The other four elements are water, fire, earth, and metal. Wood is suitable for the family section of the Feng Shui Bagua because of its nurturing and loyalty qualities. A chalice is representative of a container that holds water. A wooden chalice is an interesting object for a Feng Shui cure because it blends the water and wood elements together.

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Rabbit Fertility. photo © Joe Desy

Are you hoping to conceive or adopt a baby? Fertility cures include rabbits, storks, and elephants.

Fertility cures in Feng Shui can apply to anything that you are wishing to give birth too. Pregnancy, of course, but also birthing ideas for a new project or inventing the next fad that will offer you wealth or prestige.

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