Female Pet Names From the Bible

Bible Names for Your Female Pet

Female Pet Names
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The Bible is a great source for finding pet names. Personally, I think the best pet names are two-to-three syllable names. Sometimes it's simply the sound of the name that makes it a good fit for your pet. Often, though, it's the meaning of the name that influences the choice.

This collection of female pet names suggests several ideas from the Bible and why each might make a good name for your pet. I've also included the original language of the word, where it can be found in the Bible, and its meaning.

Female Pet Names from the Bible

Abishai - Could be shortened to Abi.
(Hebrew) - 1 Sam. 26:6 - "the present of my father."

Atarah - Try this name if your pet has the markings of royalty.
(Hebrew) - 1 Chron. 2:26 - "a crown."

Bathsheba - Could be shortened to Sheba.
(Hebrew) - 2 Sam. 11:3 - "the seventh daughter; the daughter of satiety."

Carmel - Good name for a pet with a caramel-colored coat.
(Hebrew) - Joshua 12:22 - "circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn."

Chloe - This seems like a name for a sophisticated pet.
(Greek) - 1 Cor. 1:11 - "green herb."

Delilah - This pet is not to be trusted.
(Hebrew) - Judges 16:14 - "small; slight."

Dinah - I picture this name for a "social butterfly" pet.
(Hebrew) - Gen. 30:21 - "judgment; who judges."

Dorcas - Try this name if your pet makes you want to say "poor thing."
(Greek) - Acts 9:36 - "a female roe-deer."

Eden - Does your pet aim to please you?
(Hebrew) - Gen. 2:8 - "pleasure; delight."

Glory - Just the right name for an award-winning pet.
(Latin) - Exodus 14:4 - "praise; honor; distinction."

Hannah - Perfect name for a good-natured pet.
(Hebrew) - 1 Sam. 1:2 - "gracious; merciful; he that gives."

Jael - Need a name for a pet that likes to jump or climb?
(Hebrew) - Judges 4:17 - "one that ascends."

Jasper - Choose this name for a treasured pet.
(Greek) - Exodus 28:20 - "treasure holder."

Jewel - Does your pet delight you?
(Old French) - Prov. 20:15 - "delight."

Jordan - Does your pet like to dunk in the river?
(Hebrew) - Judges 6:33 - "the descender."

Leah - Great name for a couch-potato cat.
(Hebrew) - Gen. 29:16 - "weary; tired."

Lois - Does your pet have a competitive nature?
(Greek) - 2 Tim. 1:5 - "better."

Magdalene - Could be shortened to Maggie.
(Greek) - Matt. 27:56 - "a person from Magdala."

Mercy - Good name for a sweet-natured pet.
(English) - Gen. 43:14 - "compassion, forbearance."

Michal - Perfect name for the perfect pet.
(Hebrew) - 1 Sam. 18:20 - "who is perfect?; who resembles God?"

Myra - Having trouble potty training this one?
(Greek) - Acts 27:5 - "flow; pour out; weep."

Olive - A lovely pet deserves a dignified name.
(Latin) - Gen. 8:11 - "fruitfulness; beauty; dignity."

Ophrah - Good name for a pet with a fawn-colored coat.
(Hebrew) - Judges 6:11 - "dust; lead; a fawn."

Paula - Perfect name for a tiny pet.
(Latin) - Acts 13:9 - "small; little."

Phoebe - Is your pet a pure-breed?
(Greek) - Rom. 16:1 - "shining; pure."

Prisca - Try this name if you're adopting an older pet.
(Latin) - Acts 18:2 - "ancient."

Rachel - Great name for the sheepish looking pet.
(Hebrew) - Gen. 29:6 - "sheep."

Rhoda - Does your pet like to stop and smell the roses?
(Greek, Latin) - Acts 12:13 - "a rose."

Rose - Is your pet a hopeless romantic?
(Latin) - Song of Sol. 2:1 - "a rose."

Ruby - Good name for a pet with a red coat.
(English) - Exodus 28:17 - "the red gemstone."

Sarah - Do you plan to spoil this pet?
(Hebrew) - Gen. 17:15 - "lady; princess; princess of the multitude."

Serah - Perfect for a pet with star markings.
(Hebrew) - Gen. 46:17 - "lady of scent; song; the morning star."

Sharon - Does your pet have a talent for singing?
(Hebrew) - 1 Chron. 5:16 - "his plain; his song."

Sherah - For the pet who's one of the family.
(Hebrew) - 1 Chron. 7:24 - "relative; relationship."

Shiloh - Need a name for peace-loving pet?
(Hebrew) - Joshua 18:8 - "peace; abundance; his gift."

Shiphrah - Great name for a good-looking, but noisy pet.
(Hebrew) - Exodus 1:15 - "handsome; trumpet; that does good."

Tamar - Try this name for a pet with a stylish hair-doo.
(Hebrew)- Gen. 38:6 - "palm or date palm; palm-tree."

Terah - Does your pet tend to wander from home?
(Hebrew) - Num. 33:27 - "the wanderer; scent; blow."

Zina - I know a Whippet by this name.
(Greek) - 1 Chron. 23:10 - "shining; going back."

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