Falling Up Band Biography

Falling Up. Falling Up

Falling Up Formed

Signed: 2003 with BEC Records
Retired: 2015

Falling Up Lineup at the Time of The Retirement:

Jessy C. Ribordy - Vocals, Keys, Guitar
Jeremy Miller - Bass, Keys
Josh Shroy - Drums
Nick Lambert - Guitar

Former Falling Up Members

Andrew-Dub - DJ, programming (2002-2003)
Tom Cox - Guitar, vocals (2002-2005)
Michael Humphrey - DJ, keys, programming (2003-2005)
Joseph A. Kisselburgh - Guitar, vocals (2002-2006)
Adam Taylor - Keys (2005-2007)
Micah Sannan - Guitar (2005-2007)
Daniel Hudleston - Guitar

Falling Up - Biography - The Early Days

Lead vocalist Jessy Ribordy and former guitarist Tom Cox started the Christian rock band, Falling Up, as a dream while they were still freshmen in high school in Albany, Oregon. The band's name came from the first song they ever wrote, which was about how we are so imperfect, yet God's grace is sufficient enough to overcome our flaws.

Old friends, who just happened to be the members of Kutless, pitched the Falling Up demo to BEC Recordings owner Brandon Ebel, and Ebel eventually signed the band to his label in the summer of 2003.

Falling Up - The BEC Debut

Falling Up debuted on February 24, 2004, with a 12-track album titled Crashings. The release sold over 3,000 units in its first week, which exceeded first-week sales by any other album in the history of BEC Recordings, a record previously held by Kutless. Crashings went on to sell over 50,000 units by the end of 2004. Three songs from the album, "Broken Heart," "Escalates," and "Bittersweet," all reached #1 on the Christian rock charts at R&R.

The Last Chapter of Falling Up

On September 15, 2014, the band fully funded an indie release through a Kickstarter campaign that raised $48,346 titled Falling Up. This project turned out to be the group's farewell after it released in November of 2015. 

In January 2015, the band posted things they were working on, saying "after all of that, we will disappear into the night." late February of 2016, an interview with Jesusfreakhideout.com and another with Rock Riot Webzine made that disappearing very real as the band members were very frank about breaking up for good to move on with the next steps in their journeys and lives. 

Falling Up - Discography

  • Falling Up, 2015 
  • Your Sparkling Death Cometh, 2011 
  • Fangs, 2009 
  • Discover The Trees Again: The Best Of Falling Up, 2008 
  • Captiva, 2007
  • Exit Lights, 2006
  • Dawn Escapes, 2005 
  • Crashings, 2004 

Falling Up Starter Songs:

  • "Broken Heart"
  • "Exhibition" 
  • "Cascades" 
  • "Meridians"
  • "Bittersweet"

Falling Up Fun

  • Christian song of the week - "Escalates" by Falling Up

Falling Up Links:

Falling Up on Facebook
Falling Up on MySpace
Falling Up on Pure Volume

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