The Elohim Within the Raelian Religion

According to the Raelian Movement, the Elohim are a human-like alien race that created life through scientific processes on Earth. They are not gods, nor are they to be treated as such. The Elohim created humanity as an equal, just as their creators once created them as equals. Through this process, intelligent life continues to develop throughout the galaxy.

Translation of "Elohim"

Raelians hold that the correct meaning of the word Elohim is "those who come from the sky." They believe more traditional translations of the word are in error.

The word has a long history in the Hebrew language, where it is used most commonly to denote God. It can also be used to refer to gods in the plural. The root-meaning is unknown, although the Jewish Encyclopedia suggests it might originally have literally meant "He who is the object of fear or reverence," or "He with whom one who is afraid takes refuge."

Relationship With Humanity

The Elohim have periodically contacted humans and made them prophets in order to communicate their wishes and teach the fledgling human race. Such prophets include major religious leaders such as Mohammad, Jesus, Moses, and the Buddha.

Rael -- born Claude Vorilhon -- is the most recent and the last of the prophets. It was after his 1973 abduction by an Elohim named Yahweh that the Raelian Movement began. The name "Yahweh" is also Hebrew name for "God" or "Lord" and is found in the Bible. It is most often used by Jews who read the Bible in Hebrew though in many English translations it is written as "Lord."

The Elohim do not interfere or communicate with humanity on a day-to-day basis. Only prophets communicate with the Elohim at all. Raelians accept their existence but do not pray to them, worship them, or expect divine intervention from them. They are not gods, but rather simply technologically advanced beings very similar to us.

The Future

Through Rael, the Elohim have communicated that they will make their presence known to all of humanity no later than 2035. However, in order for this to occur, humanity must prove that it is ready to join the wider galactic human race. Such proof will include the ending of the war and the building of an embassy through which the Elohim can work.

Many Raelians also believe that the Elohim are collecting DNA and memories from people on Earth. It's thought that when the Elohim return they will clone the DNA of the deceased and resurrect them.

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