5 Easy Decorating Ideas for Lammas/Lughansadh

Need some quick and affordable decorating ideas for Lammas/Lughnasadh? Here are some tips on how to bring the season into your home without breaking your bank account!


The goddess Ceres taught man how to prepare grain once it was ready to be threshed. Image by Laurie Rubin/Image Bank/Getty Images

Like most grains, wheat is growing madly in the fields by the time Lammas rolls around. In many countries, the harvesting of the final sheaf of grain was cause for celebration. The idea of honoring a "grain mother" at Lammas time is hardly a European invention. Cultures around the world have long celebrated the spirit embodied in the harvested crops each autumn.

Use wheat stalks around your home to decorate for the season - although it’s typically dried for commercial sale, the stalks become flexible if you soak them in water. Use them to create sun wheels, bows, pentacles, and other symbols of Lammas. If you don’t feel like your craft skills are up to par, tie some wheat stalks into bundles with pretty ribbons or raffia, and place them in decorative jars or vases around the house.

You can also use stalks of wheat in a Lammas Harvest Ritual


There are plenty of myths and legends about the magic of corn. Image by Garry Gay/Photographer's Choice/Getty Imagse

Corn is a magical grain, and it’s prevalent at Lammastide. Bunch together some ears of brightly colored corn and hang it up for decoration, or place it in bowls or trays as a centerpiece. Use the husks to make creative crafts like corn dollies, cornhusk chains or herbal sachet pouches to leave around the house. These also make great gifts for guests!

Herbs, Fruits and Veggies

Are you honoring a harvest goddess? Consider planting root veggies in her garden!. Image by Hal Bergman/E+/Getty Images

Did you grow some goodies in your garden, or score some tasty treats at your local farmer’s market? Put them out on display! Pluck fresh herbs and place them in jars or vases for everyone to see, put your vegetables in bowls (especially squashes and root vegetables, which don’t seem to mind being kept at room temperature). Display herbs in bundles on your door for decoration, make your own smudge sticks, or hang around the kitchen to dry out for later use. Put apples in a pretty bowl or tray to brighten up a room. Hang stalks of grain on your door to welcome your guests.


Lugh is the patron god of blacksmiths and artisans. Image by John Burke/Taxi/Getty Images

Lammas is also known as Lughnasadh, which is a celebration of Lugh, the artisan god of the Celts. If you’re crafty, now is a great time to start working on new projects. Decorate your house with things you’ve made - sewing or knitting projects, metalwork, sculpted bowls, strings of beads, Tarot crafts, and so on. Take pride in your hard work and your skill, and show it off to friends and family!

Kitchen Altar

Bread can easily be incorporated into a ritual or magical setting. Image by Elfi Kluck/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Lammas is the season of the “loaf mass” but it’s hard to leave bread out in the open air for long, if you want it to last. Instead, find a small space in your kitchen and turn it into a seasonal altar. Decorate it with symbols of hearth and home, as well as seasonal items like cornucopia, fruit, grapes and wine, and jars of honey. Feel free to place a few small bits of bread out in a dish each night, and then throw them to the birds in the morning.

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