5 Easy Decorating Ideas for Beltane

Need some quick and affordable decorating ideas for Beltane? Here are some tips on how to bring the season into your home without breaking your bank account!


Candles are a great way to bring the fire of Beltane indoors.
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Beltane is a season of fire and passion, which means this is a great time to celebrate with fire. Does this mean you need a roaring blaze or Bale Fire in each room of your house? Not at all. But it's a perfect opportunity to break out some candles, and place them in places where you'll see them and be reminded of the heat of the season. Candle groupings look beautiful on a tabletop, but you can also use small indoor braziers, or even a cast iron cauldron to hold a small blaze. If you're able to get outdoors, think about holding a Beltane Bonfire Ritual.


Bring flowers indoors to celebrate Beltane.
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As Beltane rolls in, flower gardens are in full bloom. Not only are we still enjoying spring blossoms, but the early summer flowers are popping up everywhere, reminding us of the fertility of the earth. Celebrate and decorate with bowls and vases of cut flowers and freshly potted blooms all over the house. Try spreading flowers on your altar, floating them in a glass bowl of water, or even pressing them between bits of clear glass. If you've got access to a few craft supplies, make a Floral Crown to wear during your Sabbat celebration, or a May Day Floral Basket to hang on your door!

Fertility Symbols

Many parts of Germany and Britain still erect a Maypole each year.
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The Beltane holiday is the time when, in some traditions, the male energy of the god is at its most potent. Symbols of fertility include antlers, sticks, acorns, and seeds. You can include any of these on your altar - bowls and jars of seeds, or freshly harvested branches are all appropriate. Consider adding a small Maypole centerpiece -- there are few things more phallic than a pole sticking up out of the ground!

In addition to the lusty attributes of the god, the fertile womb of the goddess is honored at Beltane as well in many traditions. She is the earth, warm and inviting, waiting for seeds to grow within her. Incorporate goddess symbols like baskets and cauldron, cups and bowls, or other feminine items. Circular decorations, like wreaths on the wall, can be used to represent the goddess as well. Make a goddess wreath, adorn it with flowers and ribbons, and hang it on your door to welcome the neighbors!

Braids and Ribbons

Children Dancing Around Maypole
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In many rural and country societies, ribbons are a staple of the Beltane season. They appear on the Maypole, and they were often exchanged between young men and their lady loves as a token - in fact, many couples today still use ribbons as part of their handfasting ceremony. Make a series of blessing braids in bright spring colors - blues, greens, yellows, purples, etc. - and hang them about your house. Hang ribbons from a branch in your front yard to welcome the season, or adorn the inside of your house with them.

Birds, Bees and Butterflies

Butterflies are full of magic!
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It's spring, which means that the animal kingdom is feeling as frisky as the rest of us! Birds are welcoming their newly hatched chicks, bees are buzzing merrily around in an attempt to pollinate new blooms, and butterflies will soon be escaping from their cocoons. These are all representations of the season of new life, and are worthy of celebration! Add bird houses and nests to your decorations, and don't forget a few eggs as well. Butterflies, who represent transformation, will be drawn to specific plants, so if you'd like to welcome some to your garden, plant a butterfly bush - for indoor decor, any butterfly artwork will help make your home feel more seasonal. In some cultures, bees are associated with wisdom and the spirit realm - decorate with bees, honey and hives to help keep that communication door open at Beltane!

Beltane Craft Ideas

Flower Arranging
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Looking for additional craft ideas for Beltane? Be sure to check out our Beltane Crafts page for more suggestions!

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