A Easter Prayer for Christian Teens

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This Easter we are reminded of the unconditional love God has for us, as well as the power He has over death and that it's more than just traditions like Easter eggs and bunnies. Jesus died on a cross for our sin, and then He overcame death. This Easter, we pray to have a sense of how powerful that act was. Here is a simple Easter prayer you can say as we head into a busy Easter season.

An Easter Prayer to Bring You Closer to God

Lord, thank you for all you have done for us. Each day you provide us with all the things we need. You give us strength. You give us friends, family, and more. I don't always claim to understand your ways, but I do know that you always understand me. I don't worry about you understanding me, because you created me. You know my every thought, hope, and desire. As we head into Easter, the love you have for each of us appears to me as deeper than I will ever be able to grasp.

No matter how I look at you, I know that you made huge sacrifices to protect us from ourselves. Our sins are great. My sins are great. I know I am not always pleasing to you, God. I know that I make huge mistakes, and sometimes I make them over and over. I am so far from perfect, but you know that, Lord. You see all my imperfections. You see my sin. Yet, you choose to love me despite all of the things I do wrong. I pray that I can make myself better in your eyes each and every day.

Lord, Easter is about reminding me of your sacrifice and reminding me that we are all saved by you. My sins are washed away by you. I overcome death due to your death. I wait for a day when I will rise and be closer to you and made new by you. And yet, your sacrifice also teaches us so many new lessons. You teach me every day how to be a little more like you.

Easter reminds me that the problems I face here are so small when I view them in an eternal mindset. Like the everyday things I think are so important sometimes, my problems are also just temporal; part of this time, but not part of a time in the future. Easter reminds me that there are sometimes bigger problems to overcome.

I only hope that the lessons I learn this Easter are ones I can take with me. I hope that you will help me show others love like you have shown me -- purely unconditional. I pray that you will give me the strength to make hard decisions when I have to choose between the right thing and the easy thing. And I hope that you will hold me up when I have to make sacrifices in order to make sure people see your light above all. I hope I never forget what you have done for me and for those around me. I pray that I can always be appreciative.

Lord, there is nothing like Easter to remind me of why I'm a Christian. Lord, I ask for you to continue to speak to me in ways I can see, and I ask that you help me keep my eyes open so I can always see your path in front of me. Let me always have your words and your kind heart so that I can lead others to you, and may I have a little of your light to be an example to others of who you are.

In your name, Amen.

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