Is There Really a Guardian Angel for Every Human Being?

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Reader Question: My name is Mariana from Indonesia. I am 28 years old and Christian. I have 3 questions for you:

  1. Is there really a Guardian Angel for every human being?
  2. I have heard that Guardian Angels will stay around us and sometimes can alert us when something bad is going to happen or help us when we are in need? Is that true?
  3. Can we communicate or work with them? What is the difference between a Guardian Angel and other Angels?

Christopher's Response: Dear Mariana, You have asked excellent questions about Angels and I can see how sincere you are about seeking helpful answers.
1) Every one of has special Guardian Angels that watch over us. I have worked with thousands of people over the last 15 years and every person I have met has had at least two Guardian Angels. Your Guardian Angels are true spiritual friends and companions. They were with you in your soul form before you came to earth. They are with you in every breath you take, every step you take, every thought you think. They are gifts given to us from God to help us embody and express the highest gifts of our soul throughout our lifetime. They are also with us when we leave this lifetime and return to our soul form.
2) Your Guardian Angels are constant companions that help guard and protect you as well inspire and strengthen you to achieve your highest spiritual aspirations. Angelic powers include protecting, guiding, revealing (showing you the truth), providing, healing, answering prayer and caring for us at the moment of our death.

These Angelic powers have many Biblical references - see: Matthew 1-2, Acts 8:26, Acts 10:1-8, Acts 7:52-53, Genesis 21:17-20, 1 Kings 19:6, Matthew 4:11, Daniel 3 and 6, Acts 5, Acts 12, Matt 4:11, Acts 5:19-20, Acts 27:23-25, Daniel 9:20-24; 10:10-12, Acts 12:1-17, Luke 16:22, Isaiah 6:1-3; Revelation 4-5

It is very important to remember that the Angels respect your free will. They can help you best if you choose to accept their help and are willing act upon the guidance you receive. Very often our Angels are working to help us but we are too occupied with our own thoughts, desires, worries or concerns to pay close enough attention to them. Create some quiet and peaceful times to call upon your Angels for help and be quietly receptive to their answers.

3) We can communicate with through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Angels are vessels of God's love and Grace and bring the loving care of God to us in a form that we access in our day-to-day lives. Your Guardian Angels know your thoughts and feelings and love you unconditionally. They offer pure, true unconditional love to you in every moment. When you are in contact with our Guardian Angels, you feel peace, safety, unity, compassion, gentleness and deeply cared for in a very personal way. It is love that is both universal and deeply personal at the same time. It is the love of a dear friend and companion that knows everything about you and embraces you just as you are.

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The difference between Guardian Angels and other Angels is that your Guardian Angels are focused exclusively on helping you to grow, prosper and evolve. You are their sole purpose and occupation. They are with you 24/7 to help bring you more fully into the pure and unconditional love that Creator has for you. Your Guardian Angels are also very practical and understand your every need. Trust them to guide you to your highest good in every situation. As you do this, you will find your ability to sense and connect with them will grow over time. Your relationship with them will become closer and more intimate and they will help you to understand the Divine Order in everything around you.

Disclaimer: Christopher Dilts shares insights derived from intuitive communications. Any advice he offers is not meant to override your personal health providers' recommendations/prescriptions, but is intended to offer a higher perspective on your question from the Angels

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