Do You See Dead People?

About Mediumship

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Lets focus on Halloween season and spirit visitations. Pagans participate in Samhain festivities to honor the dead and celebrate harvest time. Mexican culture recognizes midnight of October 31st as the beginning of their Day of the Dead holiday, a time when deceased relatives are welcomed back home to visit. Halloween season is historically the time of year when the veil between the spirit world and the physical plan is at its thinnest making it easier for supernatural communications and ghostly apparitions to happen.


I don't talk about it much, but I sometimes see dead people. Mediumship is not my life calling but I have had communications with dead spirits. I am clairvoyant and have seen a few dead people over the years. I've grown accustomed to deceased relatives popping in for brief visits during my dream sequences. I believe that spirits visiting us in our dreams is the easiest way for them to make themselves noticed. In the past week four relatives appeared in one dream. It rather felt like I was attending a family reunion with my great grandmother, my mother-in-law, my ex-husband's step-mother, and an auntie all there at the same time. Dream time visitations from my beloved relatives always make me feel happy upon waking.

Spirit Visitations

I've also had pop-in visits from spirits in the daytime while I'm fully awake, although such occurrences are rare for me. I witnessed the apparition of a celebrity once standing at my bedside one evening shortly before drifting off to slumber. This happened within a couple of hours of the person dying. At the time I thought the person had gotten lost during an astral trip. The experience was certainly trippy for me. I saw her clearly standing in front of me as if she were in the flesh. Her arms were outstretched with two yellow flowers grasped in a fist. A few seconds later she faded away, leaving me sitting upright in my bed in a state of wonder and bewilderment. I didn't learn of her passing until the next day from the news. I never told anyone about it until years later. It felt so surreal I was flustered and wasn't sure what was expected of me. Even now I'm not comfortable giving out the individual's name in respect for her family. But, the experience helped me realize that spirits can and do sometimes get confused during their transition.

Another unforgettable visitation from a departed soul occurred while sleeping in bed with my husband. He was sound asleep on his back and I was sleeping restlessly on my right side facing the wall. I awoke, albeit slightly groggy, and flipped over to my left side. As I was adjusting my pillow I opened my eyes and saw my deceased mother-in-law laying in our bed. She was sandwiched between her son and myself. Seeing her tucked in under the covers with us was a real eye-opener. Even now, years later, I clearly recollect her beautiful smile and the brightest blue eyes with an amused twinkle in them staring back at me. In a blink she was gone, but afterwards I lay awake in bed for at least an hour. I knew in my heart she had made her appearance in hopes I would tell her son she had been there. I wasn't sure he would believe me, but I told him about his mother's visitation in the morning anyway. It wouldn't have been fair to her or him if I hadn't. Whether he chose to believe she had truly been there or not was for him to decide.

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