Divination Tools

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Tools Used for Determining Your Destiny

Divination Tools
Divination Tools. Canva Collage

There are many different types of systems that can be used for divination purposes. Each future mapping system (tarot, astrology, tea leaf reading, I Ching, dowsing, palmistry, rune casting, etc.) has its own unique tools.

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Spirit Boards

Wolf Spirit Board
Wolf Spirit Board. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Possibly the best known spirit board is the Ouija board. Spirit Boards are meant for channeling spirits. Commonly used during seances.

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Crystal Rune Set
Crystal Rune Set. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Spiritual wisdom is committed into stone with the ancient practice of runecarving. The ritual of runecasting awakens us to our natural inclinations.

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L-Shaped Rods

Dowsing with L Rods
Dowsing with L Rods. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Pendulums and L or Y shaped rods are used for dowsing. In holistic healing the chakras and the auric field can be measured with L-rods.

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Psychic Cup

Tea Leaf Reading Psychic Cup. Andrews McMeel Publishing

Tasseomancy (Tea leaf reading), requires using loose tea without straining. The querent drinks the tea leaving a small amount of tea in the bottom of the cup. The tea leaf reader, swirls the remaining liquid in the cup along with the loose leafs and dumps the contents onto the saucer. Shapes and patterns formed by the wet tea leaves are then intuitively interpreted.

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Scrying Bowl

Carved Soapstone Scrying Bowl
Carved Soapstone Scrying Bowl. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Tools used for scrying (focused gazing) include mirrors or shiny metals, water, and polished crystals.

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Dowsing Tools Pendulums. © 13moons.com

Aside from divining "Yes" and "No" answers, pendulums can also help identify imbalances in the chakra system and auric field. Tools used for scrying (focused gazing) include mirrors or shiny metals, water, and polished crystals.

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Crystal Balls

Crystal Ball
Crystal Gazing Ball. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Polished orb-shaped gemstones are perfect for crystal gazing. Reflective mirrors are also a great tool for scrying.

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Tarot Cards

Divination Card Decks Tarot Cards. © 13moons.com

There are hundreds of tarot decks from which to choose. They range from Medieval to American Indian, from Occult to Feministic, from Sweet to Surreal.

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Planetary Ephemeris

Astrology Text Planetary Ephemeris. Starcrafts Publishing

An ephemeris charts the position of the stars and planets in the skies. A must for star gazers and astrologers. Pictured here is the book cover of The New American Ephemeris for the 21st Century, 2000-2100 at Midnight.

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Merkaba Crystals and Metals

Merkaba Pendulum
Merkaba Pendulum. Courtesy of Amazon

Sacred geometry helps to raise your chi vibration, making spiritual communications stronger. Egyptian in origin, the Merkaba is a sacred meditation tool or ascension vehicle that is used to enhance awareness and help a make spiritual connection to higher teachings. Merkabas come in a variety of geometric designs. They generally look like stars or flowers and are made from crystals or metals. Other spellings for merkaba include merkabah, merkava, and merkavah.

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Astrodice: Astrology Divination Fortune Telling Dice

Astrodice Divination Game
Astrodice Divination Game. Courtesy of Amazon.com

Marketed as a fortune telling game. Three dice depict the 12 planets, 12 signs, and 12 houses that are used in astrology divination. Tactile way for the astrology novice to familiarize themselves the symbols used for planets and zodiac signs, also gives meanings for the various combinations a throw of the dice indicates.

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