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There is no deciding what your life purpose is from your mind... It's a matter of getting in touch with the deep current of truth within your heart.

You can't feel your heart beating when you're going about your usual daily busy-ness, right? But if you sit quietly enough to feel/listen, the pulse is tangible. Listening for your true purpose in life is quite similar, except the inner voice is more subtle than your physical pulse, so you have to get even quieter, and cultivate more sensitive listening to hear it clearly.

The inner voice might drop hints, images, words, or feelings. Just be open to whatever comes to you. Note down whatever comes to you in a journal, and be patient with yourself. Most people don’t get lightning bolts of revelation right away! For most, it is more of a process of emergence, as you become more and more willing to admit your deepest truth to yourself.

Some questions you might ask yourself, to get a sense of the theme of your purpose, might be:

  1. What was I passionate about as a child?
  2. If money, time, place, and skill were not obstacles, what would I do with my time?
  3. Is there something I do where I completely lose track of time, because I’m immersed in a state of creative, joyful presence?
  4. What is the secret vision I’ve had for myself, that I haven’t been willing to admit to myself or others?

If there's anything for you to "do," it is to set aside enough time and create a suitable environment for the cessation of your ordinary activities, to allow clarity about your purpose to emerge.

Beyond that, I'd suggest you sincerely pray for the removal of obstacles to seeing and manifesting the divine purpose that is deep within your heart. Frame your prayer as an offering of service, something like, “I want my life to be an instrument for good... please remove the veil from my eyes so I can see clearly what my highest purpose is.”

Be forewarned! Once you do get clarity, your old limiting belief systems and non-serving habits will probably create some disturbance, and you’ll get the opportunity to master them while you persevere with manifesting your purpose.

There are a lot of steps between getting clarity and fully manifesting your purpose into a self-supporting reality... and that’s one reason why people hire life coaches! :) It would be my honor to support you (or anyone who is reading this!) get clarity and unravel the obstacles, so you can experience the satisfaction of living your purpose.

It’s an ongoing process, but nothing is more fulfilling than knowing what you were born to do, and doing it!