Animal Totem Photos: Desert Totems

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Animal Totems from the Dessert

Photos of Desert Animals
Desert Totems. Canva Collage / Getty Images

Desert totems teach us how to live in barren circumstances. See photos and learn more about these resourceful animals.

Desert Totems

Camel Totem Donkey Totem Scorpion Totem

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Camel Totem
Strength and Stamina Alex E. Proimos / Getty Images. Camel Totem

Meanings and Messages: service to others, survival traits, reserves energy, strength, self empowerment

Best suited for desert habitats, the camel can thrive in the harshest of environments. Camels store fat, food, and water reserves in their hump to carry them through prolonged periods of drought or food shortages. Camel as a totem teaches the importance of slowing down and reserving our energy. The camel may show up when you are giving away too much of your power or energy to others as a reminder not to overextend your personal energies. It can also show up if you are in the habit of looking to others to empower you. Camel will teach you to stand strong and learn how to take care of yourself without depending on others for hand outs or inspiration. Camel teaches how to draw from your own power.

Camel has a strong connection to the element of water, it will gorge on water when it discovers an oasis in the midst of the desert. It does not drink enormous amounts of water out of greed, but because of its survival instincts. Camel doesn't know how many days or weeks may pass before it finds another watering hole and is merely restocking its body's reserves. When camel appears it could be a reminder to take care of your needs, also to take only what you can carry. You may want to take inventory of your pantry or food stuffs as well, the camel showing up could be warning you to stock up for leaner times ahead.

The camel is a beast of burden which has been put to service to carry people and their belongings across desolate regions. A person with camel as their personal totem often chooses a career of service to others, helping to lift burdens from the weak, crippled, or sick. The camel person has the challenge of learning how to help others without giving to much of themselves. Giving too much is the final straw that breaks the camel's back.

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Donkey Totem

Donkey Totem
Strength of Spirit Donkey Totem. photo by miguelno / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: laborer, endurance, stability, focus

Donkeys are domesticated animals trained to carry people and other things. They are known as "beasts of burden." Donkey as a totem represents service, work, and fortitude. They help to carry our burdens. When a donkey, ass, or burro shows up as a totem you have a trusty companion to help lift your burdened spirit. Donkey reminds us that we do not have to shoulder our responsibilities alone. Help is available. It may be a time to delegate your work load. A helping hand is available to you.

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Scorpion Totem

Scorpion Totem
Death and Rebirth Scorpion Totem. Mint Images - Frans Lanting / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: transformation, self-protective, hermit qualities, independent, mystical nature, discernment, secretive

The sting of a scorpion is feared and rightly so, it is rarely deadly but can cause pain or temporary paralysis. As a totem the sighting of a scorpion can be a warning of potential harm or the need for self-protection. The scorpion is very adept at self-preservation. Also, a scorpion sighting can be a reminder to be careful not to inflict pain or suffering onto others.

Scorpion energy is very strong, anyone endowed with it can be less than understanding of people with weaker dispositions. But, the scorpion person can learn compassion and become a strong defender of others. The scorpion totem will often reveal your strengths and weaknesses. Are you cloaked in a hard shell that is difficult for anyone to penetrate? If, so then perhaps you will want to let your guard down and soften a bit. Or, are you a defenseless softy that needs toughing up? These are the questions scorpion totem asks.