Definition of Atheistic, Nontheistic

Atheistic is defined narrowly as:

  1. involving, advocating, or spreading atheism
  2. concerning, relating to, or characteristic of atheists or atheism

In the first definition, something is atheistic if and when atheism is a major component (atheistic literature) or a goal (atheistic organizations).

In the second definition, something is atheistic if atheism is relevant and defining but not a goal (atheistic attitudes) or if something is normal among atheists (atheistic philosophy).

Atheistic can also be defined more broadly as anything in which gods or belief in gods play no role at all. Thus anything that isn't theistic would be atheistic — for example, the rules of most sports and games are atheistic because gods simply aren't a part of them.

Useful Example

[This] atheistic [movement] must logically result in the utter annihilation of the family.
- James A. Garfield (1831–1881), U.S. president. Garfield diary, writing on the women's rights movement, June 8, 1881. Garfield, footnotes, ch. 16, Allen Peskin (1978).