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dc Talk Biography

Toby McKeehan, Michael Tait, and Kevin Max made up the hit band known as dc Talk. The three met while attending Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. They spent over ten years together, recording 8 albums and earning several awards.

dc Talk Discography

  • Greatest Hits, 2007
    16 tracks
  • Jesus Freak: 10th Anniversary Special Edition, 2006
    2 discs, 27 tracks
  • Solo, 2001 (Compare Prices)
    Featuring: 40 Live, Alibi, All You Got, Return of the Singer, Be, Somebody's Watching, Extreme Days
  • Intermission: Greatest Hits, 2000
    Featuring: Say The Words, Colored People, Jesus Is Alright, Between You & Me, Mind's Eye, Consume Me, My Will, In the Light, Mrs. Morgan Act I, Socially Acceptable, Luv is a Verb, Supernatural, Jesus Freak, Hardway Remix, I Wish We'd All Been Ready, Chance, Sugarcoat It, Mrs. Morgan Act II
  • Supernatural, 1998
    Featuring: Dive, Consume Me, My Friend (So Long), Fearless, Godsend, Wanna Be Loved, Truth, Since I Met You, Into Jesus, Supernatural, Red Letters , There Is A Treason at Sea
  • Welcome To The Freak Show, 1997
    Featuring: So Help Me God, Luv is a Verb, Colored People, Jesus is Alright, What If I Stumble, In the Light, Mind's Eye, End of the World, Day By Day, Walls, Time Is, Fly Like an Eagle, Alas My Love, The Hardway, Jesus Freak
  • Jesus Freak, 1995
    Featuring: So Help Me God, Colored People, Jesus Freak, What If I Stumble, Day By Day, Mrs. Morgan, Between You and Me, Like It, Love It, Need It, Jesus Freak (reprise), In The Light, What Have We Become, Mind's Eye
  • Free At Last, 1992
    Featuring: Luv Is a Verb, That Kinda Girl, Greer, Jesus is alright, Say the Words, WDCT, Socially Acceptable, Free At Last, Time Is, The Hardway, 2 Honks & A Negro, Lean On Me, Testimony, I Don't Want It, Will Power, Word 2 The Father, Jesus is Alright (Reprise)
  • Nu Thang, 1990
    Featuring: When DC Talks, He Works, FI Luv Rap Music, No More, Nu Thang, Things of This World, Walls, Talk It Out, Take It To the Lord, Children Can Live, Can I Get A Witness
  • dcTalk, 1989
    Featuring: Heavenbound, Gah Ta Be, Final Days, King (Allelujah), Spinnin' Round, Voices Praise Him, Time Ta Jam, He Loves Me

dc Talk Awards:

Dove Awards

  • 1991 - Rap/Hip Hop Album - Nu Thang
  • 1992 - Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song - I Love Rap Music
  • 1992 - Long Form Music Video - Rap, Rock & Soul
  • 1993 - Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song - Can I Get A Witness?
  • 1994 - Rock Recorded Song - Jesus Is Just Alright
  • 1994 - Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song - Socially Acceptable
  • 1995 - Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song - Luv Is A Verb
  • 1996 - Artist of the Year
  • 1996 - Rock Recorded Song - Jesus Freak
  • 1997 - Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song - Between You And Me
  • 1997 - Rock Recorded Song - Like It, Love It, Need It
  • 1997 - Short Form Music Video - Jesus Freak
  • 1998 - Short Form Music Video - Colored People
  • 1999 - Special Event Album - Exodus
  • 2000 - Long Form Music Video - The Supernatural Experience
  • 2001 - Modern Rock Recorded Song - Dive


  • 2001 - Best Rock Gospel Album - Solo
  • 1997 - Best Rock Gospel Album - Welcome To The Freak Show
  • 1996 - Best Rock Gospel Album - Jesus Freak
  • 1993 - Best Rock Gospel Album - Free At Last

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