Composing Monthly Affirmations

Affirmations are a wonder self-growth tool that helps keep your intentions succinct and bathed in a positive light. Simply put, affirmations are sentences or personal mantras that are constructed to banish any negative thinking and nourish a positive mindset. Whether consciously or subconsciously, ​the power of affirmations can help change habits and behavior.

It is best to use affirmations on the daily. But for those just starting out, it may be easier to do it on a monthly basis. In that case, dedicate the first day each month to an affirmation reboot. To get started, use this guide to help you come up with monthly affirmations from January to December.

January Affirmation

a man celebrating New Year's Eve

January 1st marks the first day of the New Year. Celebrate the New Year by listing goals you know you can reach and then create a motivating sentence. For example, you can say: 

"Today I set goals I know I can reach. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. The goals I set today for myself will help me in the days to come. My intentions are pure and powerful."

February Affirmation

a hand releasing a heart with a cloud in the background

Valentine's Day occurs every February. Honor this month of love by creating an affirmation that focuses on a loving presence that manifests through you and the environment around you. Above all, remember those that love you and those you love.

March Affirmation

Saint Patrick followed by gnome at the Montreal St. Patrick's Day Parade in 2008.

Evelyn Reid

March is known for the lively St. Patrick's Day. Compose a leprechaun's affirmation by focusing on good luck and ways that you feel blessed.

It is recommended that you also accompany affirmations with mental images. Perhaps this month's mental image can be one of rainbows and a pot full of golden opportunities.

April Affirmations

Man holding his face into the rain in evening sun
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April shows bring May flowers! Plant positive seeds in your mind with an "April showers" affirmation. For example, you can think:

"I am showered with love and affection. Every raindrop that falls on my head is a gift that nourishes my being. I weather all storm effectively and bravely."

May Affirmations

a field of flowers and blue cloud-filled sky

Now that the April showers have done their duty, ​May is the time when you can acknowledge the growth that you've undergone and the accomplishments that you have achieved. Use this saying as an inspiration as you construct your own affirmation:

"I am the gardener who has nurtured my body and soul with essential nutrients and a healthy lifestyle. I am enjoying the fruits of my own caretaking. Everything in my life is coming up daisies!" 

June Affirmations

a woman wearing graduation garb
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June is usually the month when students graduate. Although you may no longer be a student, you can use this "graduation month" as a theme to inspire this month's affirmation.

Perhaps your affirmation can focus on the education you have, the education you want to attain or how to put education to good use. Think of a future filled with prosperity measured in terms of wisdom.

July Affirmations

Woman sitting on the beach
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You're in the thick of the summer heat by the time July rolls around. Construct an energetic summertime affirmation that encourages a sunny disposition. Perhaps this month's mental image could depict a fun or relaxing day at the beach.

August Affirmations

a young boy wearing a backpack with his arms raised
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August means school is starting again. Many students approach August begrudgingly as vacation time is over. Whether you are a student or not, approach August with a motivated attitude that will make you excited to go back to school or tackle work.

September Affirmations

a person's hands holding a golden egg

Autumn has begun and September is the time of year to reap the harvest. This month's affirmation theme could be prosperity and abundance. What do you have in abundance that you are grateful for? While it is easy to be self-critical, remind yourself to have open arms ready to welcome prosperity into your life.

October Affirmations

Carved Pumpkin
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Halloween happens every October and the Jack-o-Lantern can be an apt metaphor for this seasonal affirmation. Just like a carved Jack-o-Lantern with a candle inside it, think about how you can light up the world around me with a smile on my face. Visualize yourself glowing with happiness from the inside out.

November Affirmations

a family seated at a Thanksgiving table
For some, Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings and celebration. kali9 / Getty Images

November is Native American Heritage Month and the month of Thanksgiving, which is also a National Day of Mourning. This month's affirmation can focus on increasing awareness, seeking truth, and giving thanks. Emphasize whichever of these you most feel you need to cultivate. If you are someone who does not already know which Indigenous Nations' lands you occupy, now would be a great time to find out. You can incorporate this into your affirmation and honor those who were displaced. Perhaps this example can help you create your own:

"My mind and my heart are open and eager to learn and honor the truth of our past and present. I welcome the growth that this knowledge, however painful, may kindle. I am blessed with a loving family and caring friends. I am humbled to gather here on this land, the land of Indigenous Peoples, and share this time with them."

December Affirmations

a young person seasonal shrubbery

It is the last month of the year and filled with holiday cheer. End the year with a "holiday affirmation." Perhaps you can think:

"I embrace the holiday season with joy and an open heart. I look at this time of year through the eyes of a child full of excitement. I gift others with kindness and a sincere smile. I feel at peace and view my life as the miracle that it is."

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